This Sure Looks Like The Next PlayStation 3

A series of photos attributed to a filing with the Brazilian equivalent of the US' FCC appears to give the first look at the case of a redesigned "superslim" PlayStation 3, which last week was rumored to be in manufacturing by Sony.

The Brazilian site Tecnoblog reports that the unit's model number in the Brazilian market is CECH-4011, and will be sold in configurations with 16, 250 and 500GB hard drives. The original rumour pegged the new PS3 model numbers at CECH-4000A and 4000B for the US markets.

Tecnoblog has more views and images at the link below.

Novos modelos de PS3 com 16, 250 e 500 GB aparecem na Anatel [Tecnoblog via exophase]


    Pretty frustrated with this tbh.
    I bought my phat about a month before slim rumours surfaced.
    I bought a slim a few weeks ago.
    Le Sigh. First world problems

      hahaha that's rough, buddy. So we know when you finally get a super slim, the PS4 is right around the corner.

    With every new PS3 they remove more and more features anyway. The console doesn't even resemble the original console Sony promised. No SD reader, less USB ports, no linux, no PS2 backwards compatiblity etc. It's got to be a record for the most things ever stripped from a console.

      Next it won't even play Blu-Ray discs because they removed the Blu-Ray drive to lighten things up!

        I must've had the prototype then, my phat's blu ray died after a year of extremely infrequent use! I could play demos and downloadable games but that was it...

          My slims blu ray disc is pretty dodgy. It will only play a dual layer Blu ray (Uncharted, KillZone etc.) if it's been spinning a different, non dual layer disc in the drive for about an hour. This is after my fat got the YLOD. And why does this one not have more USB ports? Sure I've got many around the house, but the sheer number of PS peripherals practically dictates more of them.

      Dammit, I can't find my violin right now...

        it's probably located in whatever past time it was that those calls were considered funny

    I sure hope that "16GB" is a typo. But consistency says it isn't.

      Flash-based Memory, most likely similar to one of the 360 models

    They're prob trying to get a $200 console to compete with xbox 4gb

      160GB PS3 slims have been down to $230 on sale anyway recently.

    Just hurry up and release it so PS3's get dirt cheap, I need a Blu-Ray player and want to play the Ghibli games.

      Yeha a big +1 here. Have held off buying a ps3 so far but with that Ghibli game coming up I will not be able to hold off for much longer.

        A console shifter, really? I'm a fan of Ghibli and will probably give the game a look. But there are so many other great games out there from more experienced studios.

          Sure there are, just no exclusives that really interest me. Though there are a lot of exclusives coming up that look great. But hey I am a sucker for a good rpg. I purchased a ps1 for FF7, ps2 for FF10, 360 for FF13 and Wii for Xenoblade.

    Hah! The rear powerplug suggests it will have an external power block. Just like the PS2 does! See it?

      Excuse my uninformed'ness... But why does it suggest that? It looks the same as my slim? which goes straight into the wall?...

        He's trolling dude, it's quite obvious.

      My PS2 had a plug just like that but no power pack. Nice try though.

      HAH! the rear powerplug actually suggests that it is an internal power block, being a figure 8 connection, otherwise known as a C7 outlet. which is 240V meaning the power conversion is done internally.

      ..... and theres my 2 cents

    my slims bluray and dvd player just broke it still plays games .... i might get this though

    Wait where is the disc slot???? It doesn't appear to have a Disc Slot...Does that mean we're going back to Top Loader???? Or am I just missing something here

    to boldly go where no video games console has gone before (3rd frame)

      Hahah! Awesome!

    still no rear usb port? seriously they promote move but still dont aloow you to plug the camera in at the back?

      This. Only my PlayTV and a PS Camera are plugged into the USB ports. I wish they could be plugged in at the back.

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