This Wallpaper Has 13,000 SNES Sprites In It -- Let's Play Where's Wally!

Honestly, this is mental. Reddit user adremeaux has chucked 13,000 SNES video game characters onto a single wallpaper and it's completely bewildering — just the sheer scale of it. I've got an idea — let's play a version of Where's Wally with it!

Here's my idea. I'll choose a character, and the first person to find that character then gets to name another character in the wallpaper. The person who finds that gets to choose the next one... and 'round and 'round we go!

As proof you've found it, you must try and describe, as best as you can, precisely where that character is.

Let's do this.

OK, I'll choose first, the girl from Secret of Mana — Purimo I think is her official name — go forth and find her!

13000 SNES JRPG sprites compiled into a single gigantic wallpaper [Reddit]


    *Googles purimo secret of mana*


    I think Purimu is the correct name :P

    This is cool, but it should have been titled "Spot the sprites that AREN'T from a Final Fantasy game".

    If someone can find the hero of Breath of Fire in there, point me in the direction.

    Found Luca 3 Times, marle and crono twice

    That HURTS to look at. I can see injury and great shame being brought upon any who attempt these challenges.
    Let the pains begin!

    fair amount of chrono trigger in there.


    The problem with playing "spot the character" is that a lot of the characters appear several times in different poses. I'd be more impressed if the guy used 13,000 unique (as in not a variant of an existing one) sprites.

    Yes, undeniably impressive... but shamelessly chrono trigger heavy.

    right hand side, 3 quarters down, 1.5 cm in?

    Good idea for a game.

    Oww, my eyeballs.

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