This Zelda Video Is Short, But Spectacular

This Zelda Video Is Short, But Spectacular

I’d say the odds of a live action YouTube clips sent to Kotaku not being terrible currently stand at around 1,000 to one. Thankfully, this Zelda flick is pretty amazing. Short, but amazing. It sort of gets me wondering what Somewhat Awesome Films could do if they had the resources and time to make something a little longer. Great work!

Just visually, it’s quality. It’s well shot, looks great, and doesn’t have that terrible ‘homemade’ feel that most of these clips tend to have.


  • Much better than that fake ign theatrical trailer released years ago. Pity about the look of link though, maybe if they played down the costuming a bit it would look less like a mediocre cosplay outfit.

    • I kinda liked that fake IGN clip. I would have seen that movie if it was real 😛

      I think though that there is some truth to that comment about the outfit…Link’s costume in Zelda is really…”gamey”…and would look silly if someone was wearing it on the big screen in a movie adaption. If they were serious about doing something like that then they’d definitely need to change a few things, including Link’s iconic outfit, and possibly the fact he’s mute, which I’m not sure would sit very well with the die hard fans.

        • If a big-screen adaptation did come to fruition, Link would need a voice. Just think FFVII Advent Children, Cloud’s English voice in that film was pretty good actually.

          • Except Cloud wasn’t mute in the game, so I’m not sure where you are going with that comparison.

          • the point was that while cloud may not be mute from a narrative PoV, he doesn’t actually say anything in the game that you can hear/that is voice acted. The idea is that everyone has a personal opinion of what link would sound like if he actually had a voice and that actually setting something in stone could possibly do more harm than good, the reference to Cloud in AC was that they didn’t do a bad job, it was a voice that managed to fit the character well, but, it “could” have been terrible

          • That wasn’t the point I was making though with the whole mute thing.

            Cloud clearly spoke during FFVII. You can’t hear him (or any other character for that matter) say anything, but all the characters engaged in conversation with each other, albeit with text bubbles.

            Link, on the other hand, doesn’t even do that. While other characters engage in conversation around him and to him (in text bubbles), Link himself doesn’t say anything, not even in a text bubble, and not even when he’s directly spoken to. You only ever hear grunts, groans, gasps and sighs from him.

            I think this is exactly the reason why Nintendo believe it would be difficult to put voices into a Zelda game. It’s due to the fact Link doesn’t say anything, which would make voice conversations somewhat awkward.

            This was the point I was making. Not whether he can be adequately voiced in a big screen adaption, but whether he can be voiced AT ALL.

  • In the unlikely event that a movie was made who would you like to see cast? Im sure there’d be better but you could do alot worse than Orlando Bloom. He’s already known for acting and voicing an elf so it wouldn’t be much of a stretch to play as Link.

  • Nice looking atmosphere. I think the problem is resources. Real movies use set lighting to bump out contrasts and highlights – natural lighting on film looks… un natural. I’m no film making buff, and am not slagging it off – but with some more $$$, this could be loads better.

  • The video itself looks nice, but there really is no way to make Link’s outfit look good in reality. It’s just too.. cartoonish to work as an actual costume. The hat in particular is just odd. If his clothing was more like chain mail and less like silk and fabric it would probably be more believable.

  • I remember when I played through Link’s Awakening (the first Zelda game I ever owned) I kept thinking how it would make a great movie, or miniseries – I think a Zelda movie is on the wishlist of anyone who has played through one of the games – that alone makes me think that eventually someone will make one and it’ll be good too.

  • Wow. I think I sold them that Hyrulian shield, I remember talking to one of the guys. Good job. I feel honoured 🙂

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