Thousands Line Up To Make Your Hardware

Even though heavy rains have been hitting China's Chengdu, that didn't stop thousands from lining up for work at the city's Foxconn plant.

As website MIC points out, Foxconn seems to be hiring up for this summer. Those who apply need to fork over 150 yuan ($24) and have good eyesight.

Just goes to show that even though Foxconn — which makes products for Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, and Apple — has taken a beating for its work practices, there are thousands of people eager to work at its plants and make your stuff.

The rumour is that these workers are being hired to assemble the rumored iPad mini or the next iPhone.

Thousands Queue for Foxconn Summer Jobs Ahead of Possible ‘iPad mini' Production [MIC]


    totally surprised that here was no suggestion of production of next generation consoles.

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