THQ Is Worth 14,214,046 Happy Meals

Wondering what THQ will run you on the market nowadays? Me too. Fortunately, a friend of mine put together an amazing website that tells you just how much value the struggling publisher has today, using comparisons we can all easily understand.

Here are some of my favourites.

For more, head to What Is THQ Worth?


    12 Double Fine Kickstarters is the best one. Cool site. I'd suggest cutting it to more relevant stats, like the Double FIne Kickstarter stat. And including other companies as comparisons. How many DF Kickstarters is Ubisoft worth? Activision-Blizzard? Valve!

    30 Lindsay Lohans? Wow.
    I don't know who to feel sorry for.

      Me. ^^^

    I'm lovin it

    I hope that one day I might become rich enough that I could just trade it all in for a 17th century Pirate Ship

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