Tiny Halo Figures Designed For Giant Adult Hands

Harking back to the late-80s glory days of the style, McFarlane is next month releasing a line of Halo toys called "Micro Ops", tiny little 1:100 (or around 15mm each) figures designed to let you recreate actual Halo battles, and not just actual heroic poses.

The first series includes several different figures, vehicles and even a couple of playsets. You can take a look at some images below.


    New table top game destined to overthrow Warhammer 40k!!!
    (even though Warmachine has already done that)

      Bitch please!

        He was slightly wrong there... ANY table top game that comes out these days is better than 40k thanks to the hard work of GW
        This looks interesting though, hopefully a decent ruleset

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