Tokyo's Nerd Paradise Is Hot And Sweaty

It's summer up north, which means one thing in Japan: it's friggin' hot. Tokyo is no exception, and neither is the city's geek mecca, Akihabara.

These photos, courtesy of, provide a window into just how steamy it can get — minus the nerd sweat and the things you want to buy. More pics over on Danny's site (link below).

Akihabara in the Summer []



    Is that Gendo's laughing in that picture behind Asuka? Doesn't suit him!

      That's a poster from the Schick/Evangelion promo. He's laughing because he had such a great shave.

        Yeah. Shaved, laughing Gendo is one of the most frightening things I've ever seen.

    Pretty sure that's one of the new posters to promote Schick razors (and Eva 3.0)

    It's from the new schick/evangelion raser promo.

    Went there during spring time 2012. Beautiful place. ...

    try the Gundam cafe!

    Love Japan, both the old world and new world. Do yourself a favour and visit Japan for at least a week. The gamer and human inside you won't be disappointed. Make sure you visit their gaming arcades, temples, Kyoto, Tokyo, Ginza, Shibuya , Japanese Retro Games, Mount Fuji and the bullet train.

    Yes in case you didn't notice I loved my time in Japan.

      And the sooner you go the better because all the old buildings in Akihabara are slowly being torn down and replaced with office blocks...

    I live here but I dare not step into Akihabara. I need money for food.

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