Two Grumpy, Weird Cats Dressed As Super Heroes

By the time you read this, it's likely Monday morning, and you're about to get started on a week of work/school. You'll be a little down. If that's you, here. Two cats dressed as Batman and Superman.

[via Fashionably Geek]


    ... except it was posted at 4PM Monday afternoon.

    Mommy mommy.... why isBatman trying to kick that butterfly?
    A random video... but I'll allow it since it's cute.

    once again.. we've all been Plunked.

    I want to high five this story, in the head, with a chair.

    You've really earned your paycheck today plunkett.

    Another quality article from Luke Plunkett

    I'm dead certain that Luke posted this to annoy the peanut gallery :)
    Well played

    Clearly Luke does not read the comments and as a result of his findings, decide against posting stupid crap on a gaming news website.

    The ironic thing is, that the pageviews for these typed of 'stories' will be higher - since many, like myself, are often entertained more by the comments than the story itself.

      I, for one, opened this article purely for the comments...haven't even watched the video and don't intend to.


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