Two New DLC Packs Add Puzzles To Quantum Conundrum

Two New DLC Packs Add Puzzles To Quantum Conundrum

Delightful puzzler Quantum Conundrum will receive two new downloadable content packs this summer, publisher Square Enix said today.

Pack one, The Desmond Debacle, sticks you in a new wing of the Quadwrangle Manor to solve puzzles that centre around the drinking bird Desmond. Pack two, IKE-aramba!, tasks you with rescuing the adorable Interdimensional Kinetic Entity (IKE), also in a new wing of the manor.

The Desmond Debacle ($2.99) – July 31 (Steam); August 14 (PlayStation Network); August 15 (Xbox Live)

IKE-aramba! ($2.99) – August 28 (Steam); September 11 (PlayStation Network); September 12 (Xbox Live)


  • So how many points on XBLA? 240 or 400?

    If 1500 points is 25 bucks, then this is about 60 points for a buck. So im expecting this to be 240 points even though at that rate its about 180? Nice to get confirmation, unless points are gone from XBL and I missed that?

    • @Fat shady
      Do not pay that much for your MS points. Those are the RRP set back when the AU wasnt as Strong
      Get your points from xbox live online store. The prices still arent as good as what the U.S gets but its better value then $25 for 1500 points

  • Wow, that’s a crazy coincidence.
    I’m totally intrigued by the idea of basing puzzles around the drinking bird – I liked the timing based puzzles in the core game which utilized this mechanic. *Miyagi voice* “Dimension on, dimension off … Dimension on, dimension off …”

  • Jeez
    I bought the season pass from Green man gaming for $20.
    Looks like i saved $1 for pre-ordering early.

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