Why You Shouldn't Ride Motorbikes In DayZ

Reason #1: They're really, really hard to find spare parts for (the game forces you to repair a vehicle before driving it).

Reason #2: They're bad for your health.

[via PC Gamer]


    I disagree! I was med-evacced out of the NW airfield just about 2 hours ago on the back of a motorbike. It was epic. Thanks JD!!

    Vehicle parts are not hard to find at all, you just need to know where to look.

    The only downside to riding the moto is that the brakes are crap so you have to be very careful, especially downhill.

    ATVs on the other hand will flip over at the drop of a hat.

      Also... why you should ride them... http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198009907186/screenshot/576709036917468410

    The more I see of this the cooler it looks. Curse my consoles and Mac set up!

    I'm really cynical towards DayZ because, for me, it lacks character and substance. Movement often feels clunky, the world feels static, and at the moment the zombies are buggy. And, thanks to Arma, interacting with ... anything, is a massive pain. Then there's the fact that if you play quietly (and I found on my own) you can survive quite easily if you avoid the major towns and other players. I once had a character survive for 3 weeks. I got bored. What else was there to do? (The answer is nothing) So I decided to team up with some people that I saw. 5 minutes later they shot me in the back. That wasn't a cool or fun experience and I am not bitter at it. I rolled my eyes and stopped playing the game because it was just not worth it to go through that again. There's no point to it, and if survival is the point well it's easiest to just avoid all other players, and conflict, and that makes for a very boring game.

    Cool kids use Hueys... and Old Bikes

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