Ubisoft Responds To Accidental Email Leak

A few days after the emails first went out, Ubisoft has responded to its accidental leak of around 500 fans' email addresses with.. .another email.

While a "sorry" might have been appreciated, all users received was a short message that read:

Dear User,

Ubisoft takes privacy matters seriously. Recently we discovered some users' email addresses were gathered without following proper privacy guidelines and procedures. As a precaution, we are removing your email from our marketing database.

If you'd like to continue to receive updates and news on Watchdogs, update your Uplay account by clicking here.

If you would like more information on Ubisoft's stance regarding your privacy, you can check out our privacy policy here. We thank you for your interest in Watch Dogs and look forward to sharing more about the game in the future.

Best Regards,

The Ubisoft Team

Saying your email address had been "gathered without following proper privacy guidelines and procedures" sure sounds nicer than "we accidentally sent your email address to thousands of complete strangers".


    I like the way they express concern but never admit fault

    Doesn't help them with all the Spam they are now going to receive.

    Wouldn't surprise me if Ubisoft don't actually remove people's email addresses from their databases. They've already shown how much they lie and undermine their customers' intelligence.

    Why bother removing them? The email addresses are out there now and signing up again isn't going to suddenly add some level of security to your email, even if you sign up using a different account. It's not like changing your password.

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