Unboxing The Nasne, Sony's New Media Hub

Yesterday, the day before Nasne's release, Sony suddenly postponed the media hub because units were damaged during shipment. The Nasne that sister site Kotaku Japan ordered online, however, arrived today — fit as a fiddle and undamaged. Hello unboxing time!

The Nasne is a networked recorder that offers 500GB of storage as well as the ability to stream media to Sony hardware like the PS3, the PS Vita, Xperia smartphones, Sony laptops and tablets.

Nasne kind of looks like a first gen PlayStation 3, but short, small and fat. Nasne is currently Japan-only. No word on a Western release.

回収になった『nasne』が届いちゃった! 早速アンボックスしてみます。 [Kotaku Japan]


    So why can't anything else stream media to my Vita?

      You need to give the vita time. One thing Sony should have done was tell everyone the Vita true shine will come when the PS4 is released

    So where do we find these and how much are they? Play Asia is showing nil stock.

    This seems a bit superfluous when the PS3 should be able to handle all the same functionality without a bolt on box...

      Unless I'm wrong this does actually play tv and includes a lot of unnecessary things most people don't use. So why the hell should they have all of this in the PS3 when it'll just result in a more expensive console with more unused features? Personally I would love all,of this in my PS3, but it'sa bad idea. Plus Sony needs something new to push to fill their wallets again.

        Play TV was already an option, and storage is easily upgraded.

        Incase you havent noticed, the PS3 is outselling the Xbox and Wii by 50,000 units a month and rising while the Xbox and Wii sales are dropping fast.

        Last month global sales for the PS3 was just over 200,000 copies while the Xbox only sold 80,000 and the wii sold 25,000.
        Sony are the ones msking the most money and with the playstation 3's cheaper model coming soon, the PS3 will completely dominate its compitition.

    That's....basically a stand alone ps3 playtv unit with its own internal storage and streaming functions.....

    Yes. WTF is the price? Basic stuff.

    Why on earth have I never head of this before today and I check the site every day?

    Hmmm, couldn't Play TV do all that this offers (minus the extra storage space) with a software patch?

      No, this thing is a network streamer. Whereas play tv requires to be plugged into a ps3. It's also compatible with a Vita without the use of remote play.

    500gb is far to small for anyone who seriously needs a media streamer. Just build a small, cheap media computer (ours was 200, plus the cost of the hard drives) then stick PS3 Media Server on it.

    Since no-one has asked it yet, anyone know if it is DVB-T compatible? It's useless to Australians if it can't record our digital video standard.

      I think it's ISDB-T so no, i don't think it's compatible with our broadcast network.

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