Unfortunately It’s Too Late For You To Play Journey The Way This Guy Played It

Unfortunately It’s Too Late For You To Play Journey The Way This Guy Played It

Have you ever wished you knew less about a video game before playing it? Commenter Sloopydrew played through ThatGameCompany’s magnificent Journey twice before realising he had missed an important bit of information. Imagine his surprise in today’s episode of Speak Up on Kotaku.

I just finished Journey for a second play through, sat through the credits this time (which I didn’t the first time) and found something out — you’re playing with actual people!

I had no idea those were people! I thought they were NPCs meant to guide me (now I know why one of the NPCs kept following me, instead of showing me what to do).

Now I feel awkward.

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    • Yeah, pretty sure she did. It’s not like you’re meant to know in the first play through that they’re people it would seem.

  • The same thing happened to me, after my second play through I wondered how I was supposed to access multiplayer, like if there was a secret way to unlock it.

  • Well I knew about the multiplayer. What was a surprise in the credits was I played the game with four different people. The matchmaking is quite seemless.

  • I had no idea that anyone wouldn’t know this.

    What *I* wished I had known is that the markers that come up when someone “sings” are unique and that when you finish the game you get a list matching PSN screen-names to markers. I wish I had taken note of the marker belonging to the person I did the entire second half of the game with so that I could send them a note (unfortunately, with a list of about 12 “people you played this game with”, I had no idea which one it was).

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