Video Gaming's Finest Fireworks

Americans are in the midst of Fourth of July celebrations, but the evening sky is overrated. Don't look there for awesome fireworks; look at these clips of video gaming's best fireworks. We've got to start with Mario.

Fantavision, the PlayStation 2's fireworks-gaming classic.

Final Fantasy XIII: Fireworks Edition

Boom Boom Rocket (Like DDR but with fireworks).

Uh.. Disney Fireworks, anyone?

Big Bang Mini, an obscure one on the Nintendo DS.

Left 4 Dead? This seems wrong.

Assassin's Creed II. Just the last bit of this clip.

Gran Turismo 5. Go figure.

Colonization (I love the name of this video: "Colonization Gameplay (SPOILER) - Video 18: INDEPENDENCE (End sequence)" ... it's like, spoiler: The British Empire loses!

Minecraft, of course.

Batman: Arkham Asylum. I forgot this game had any. Thanks Giant Bomb for your awesome fireworks-in-games list. I had to peek to remember this one.

Mini Ninjas. Fireworks-as-weapon!

Peggle. Well, Peggle hacked.

Animal Crossing.

This one isn't technically a video game, actually.


    Summer games on the C64 had some cool fireworks in the closing ceremony.

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