Wait A Minute… Emma Stone Is Doing Voice Work For Sleeping Dogs?

Wait A Minute… Emma Stone Is Doing Voice Work For Sleeping Dogs?

Sleeping Dogs, it’s a game I’ve been… sleeping on (someone just kill me, it’s the only way…) but now that I think about it, there is some serious celebrity power behind this title. MMA pound-for-pound king Georges St. Pierre has been helping out with the combat, whilst nursing an injury, and now we’ve heard that current it-girl Emma Stone is involved. Alongside a bevvy of other (not quite as impressive) celebrities.

Of course, none of this necessarily means the game will be good, but it doesn’t mean the game will be bad either. Actually, I don’t think this news has any bearing on the game at all. It’s just an interesting thing.

The above video is also a interesting thing, and takes a behind the scenes look at all the voice acting shenanigans, along with some clips of celebs talking about how ‘cool’ it is to be involved in video games.

Wait a minute? No Nolan North?


    • WOW, have not heard that name in years. Thats the dude who did stuff with Jackie chan on some old flicks right??? I could look him up but what fun would that be… ok, i gotta check this game out now.

      • Sammo’s a pretty big mover and shaker in the Hong Kong film industry, and he’s done fight choregraphy for pretty much everyone.

        He also once shared a fight scene with someone else you might have heard of… http://youtu.be/OOpUQya9I_w

  • Wow, the cast line-up is impressive alright! I’d check it out for Lucy Liu (Charlie’s Angles), Edison Chen (Intial D), Will Yun Lee (Die Another Day), Tzi Ma (Rush Hour) and Tom Wilkinson. As for Emma Stone, before this news post I didn’t even know who she was. Just google her and it turns out I haven’t seen The Amazing Spider-Man yet…

  • My interest was piqued just yesterday re. this game. Read a bit about it and watched some Youtube vids. Looks interesting. All forms of combat look fluid and enjoyable.

  • And how is lucy Liu (charlie’s angels) and Edison chen (initial D, Internal affairs, grudge 2), “not quite as impressive” celebrities. Edison is arguably the biggest HK celebrity, i.e where the game sets palce…. so you cant really get any better than that without contacting jackie chan/sammo hung….
    Mark Serrels ignorance/10

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