Wait... Harvey Norman Actually Has Some Games For Sale? At A Decent Price?

Yeah, I know. I'm as surprised as you are! Harvey Norman already has their overseas OzGameShop style retail site, but these deals are on the official site, and there are some brilliant deals here, available for delivery or pick up in store.

Uncharted 3 is available for $16, as is Assassin's Creed Revelations and Saints Row: The Third.

Pretty impressive. There aren't too many games available, but the ones that are on sale are top quality, and the prices are pretty stellar.


    Harvey Norman have been having great gaming sales as of late! remember the 50% off sale?

    I thought the last time they did this it was a mess: orders werent being fulfilled, and if they were, they took so freakin' long

      Agreed, I waited about 4 weeks for my order of ME3 and SSX.

        Same here... it was shambolic. They charged my card then sat there for a couple of weeks. Every time I asked at the store where I was supposed to collect it and they kept telling me it hadn't been processed yet. After 2 weeks of this, they then told me that they wouldn't honour my order because they were out of stock and I'd ordered 3 games when there was a limit of 2. After I sent an email ripping into them over how it was handled they then agreed to honour the order but it took another couple of weeks to get stock.
        Save yourself the hassle and just go to ozgameshop in the first place.

      Yeah - it was a debacle. They didn't fulfil the order, wouldn't deal with you by phone and when you sent an e-mail to ask what the hell was going on they autoresponded with something saying that they'd look at the issue in two days and then never got back to you. Even if they were offering the game of your choice for $10, I wouldn't touch their website orders.

    That Battlefield 3 is cheaper than buying the online pass, pity only the 360 ver is on sale.

      The PS3 version's for sale, just do a search for it and it'll pop up.

    No deal.

    I purchased some games during their 50% off sale a few month ago. After 8 weeks the games still hadn't been sent out. Got a refund and went to ozgameshop.

      I'm in the same boat. Worst service I've ever had, anywhere. Absolutely pathetic. Never buying from them again, online or in store.

    Oh FFS Harvey Norman, if you are going to do insane specials, make sure your website can hold up to the strain. I'm getting timeout errors trying to access my cart to checkout. Bravo.

    SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1205 Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

    Pretty hard to beat the price of the PC version of SR3 during the Steam Summer Sale!

    I was one of the lucky ones who got their order relatively quickly last time (few days to process). I don't know if I can be bothered with the hassle this time. Hell, I can't even add the games to my cart right now since they seem to time out.

    Good luck!

      I caved and bought Revelations and BF3 =/

      last time i ordered 4 games. i got 3 of them 2 days later. 1 game i had to email about 2 weeks later. they offered me the limited edition instead. got that 2 days later again.
      ordered rage and acr this time round.

    After a few time outs managed to pick up BF3 on 360 (already have it on PC but wanted to play with friends who have it on console). Was very simple last time with the pick up in store option so i hope it is going to be the same smooth ride this time.

    So it Kotaku basically a website that posts links to YouTube videos and comments on game sales? Genuine question.

      Are you the same guy that comes into my features and posts TL;DR?

      Kotaku is a mix of a lot of things.

      Take a look at the range of articles Mark has written today alone before you make a comment like that, dude.

      Genuine answer: no.

      It's a website that reposts Kotaku US content, and additionally posts information about things Austarlian gamers may be interested in such as game sales, news about Australian game devs. The Australian editorial content also tackles current issues that gamers are talking about. And then there's places like the Talk Amongst Yourselves posts where Kotaku turns into a place where a great sense of community is being built by its commenters.

      So no, Kotaku is far from just a website that posts links to YouTube and comments on game sales. It's a place for gamers to come to find out about what's happening in the world of games at the moment, and also a place gamers can come to hang out with and be part of a great community .

        A lot of the US content seems to be 1 sentence articles and links to youtube videos, though.

    I don't give a shit how good the specials are. I'm not giving Harvey another cent after last time.

    I bought 4 items when you were only meant to buy 2 apparently . I never saw anything saying only 2 until I went into the store and the clerk told me, yet their online store let me pick any amount. I picked up 2 of my items expecting a refund for the other 2 games valued at $60. They said the online department would have to do everything with that.

    At first I was casual about the emails until it got to the 1 month and 2 weeks mark. I sent countless emails and they kept passing me around from person to person, I had to tell my story each time and every time they said "We will pass this on to the higher ups". I eventually called a few times and they kept passing me off.

    They only ended up doing something about it when I phoned up and blasted them said I'm taking this to the consumer affairs waiting 1.3 months for a refund for items I never received. Even after that, they sent the wrong refund for the games I ACTUALLY PICKED UP. Another 2 weeks later I FINALLY get my proper refund.

    NEVER. EVER. AGAIN. It has been the worst consumer experience I have ever dealt with and I am not exaggerating. Please, Kotakuettes think about how much you might have to deal with before buying from them.

      They were pretty bad with enforcing that as I actually managed to pick up 4 from that sale, while others got rejected like you did. :(

      Your experience has convinced me to not partake in this sale.

    Saints Row The Third. Sold.

    Went for store pickup as I'm only a couple mins walk from one of their stores....

    AC: Rev and UC:3 for $32, store pickup. Yes please!!!!!

    quite a few of Harvey Norman's video game stock are grey imports. So the pricing is not that good in the end, better off buying it from random ebayer 101 who is more trustworthy then HN. For around the same price.

    Prices are wrong? Search says SR3 is $16, but jumps to $46 in the item listing and shopping cart... (??)

    Price is back up to $43 for all items now

      Yeah, the sale only actually ran from 2pm to 8pm... I don't think HN even made that clear in most of their promotional content...

    man saving a few bucks is a waste of time esp if you have to deal with harveys... its its not there in your hand.. dont bother trying to buy it. just go to eb games just about every game release i want they have. HN does not care about the online store because the store it "picks up from" does not receove the money straight away and if they do they are generally selling it "at a loss" which means the store owner looses out and so does the sales person (hence why he doesnt want to help you) and gerry banks the profits.

    Seriously save your time energy and $ and just walk into EB games. They will do pricematches most the time anyway. Pre orders have always been filled quickly in my case as well.

    meh, long ago i vowed i would never set foot in another Harvey Norman store or give any more of my money to that greedy old dinosaur Gerry Harvey.

    For $16 I'd be willing to bet that they either fell off the back of a truck somewhere OR that Gerry Harvey picked up a few pallets of stock from the steaming carcass of GAME, then waited a decent time until no-one would accuse him of profiteering from the loss of Australian jobs, then flog them!

    I don't care if it was $2 a game and a free wristy on pickup - I'll never give HN any money

    I told myself "never again" after waiting 4+ weeks last time they had a sale. By the time the games arrived, I could have ordered them from other overseas online stores for cheaper.

    Just a note for everyone claiming grey imports or whatever from someone who works at HN online. Just because a store chooses to sell below cost in order to generate some hype/direct additional traffic to their website doesn't mean they are immediately doing something shifty or illegal.

    My condolences for those who experienced problems with orders, I waited 8 weeks as well and yeah its pretty horribad. The online is still being developed, only went live in the last 12 months so yeah I'd avoid if you can.

    inb4 the hate because apparently all the employees (including those forced to answer calls when our lines are full and have no other choice but to tell you they will pass on your concerns when our system is backed up) are directly responsible for the problems you are experiencing.

    I purchased Uncharted 3 and Assassins Creed: Revelations and chose local pickup.
    Rang the store today, guy said sweet come down I've put them aside for me.
    Went to the store, guy wasn't there lol A woman that served me called the head office to confirm the $$$ had gone through they gave me both the games and I left.

    So pretty easy, and they're definite Australian Versions which were sealed too.

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