Wait, One Of Those 'Next Gen' Xbox Leaks May Actually Have Been Accurate?

As a general rule I had decided to completely ignore all 'next-gen' console rumours — basically because there were so many of them and they couldn't all be accurate! But Eurogamer's Digital Foundry has put together a pretty compelling case that one of the earlier leaks may actually have been a real thing. Interesting stuff.

I usually take these leaks with a the proverbial pinch of salt (as opposed to an actual pinch of salt) but Eurogamers seems to have confirmed some of the details with local developers working with new dev kits, so it looks like some of the details may actually be correct.

Specs wise, it looks like the console will feature 8GB of RAM, and will feature an eight-core CPU. Those interested in reading more about the tech would be well advised to head to Eurogamer for more info.

The Curious Case of the Durango Devkit Leak [Eurogamer]


    The etymology of the phrase "take it with a pinch of salt" is really interesting.

    When the truth leaks, flood everyone with disinformation.


        I'm pretty sure Dizz is talking about the missemination of disinformation.

        Not to be confused with uninformation.

    If it's just going to be host to the stock standard style of game that's been on the 360 for it's lifespan, you can count me out.

      Please, tell us more.

        To be fair, I have all 3 consoles and I play 360 a lot less than PS3. Mainly due to the region lock and 360 not having many good exclusives that aren't shooters. PS3 has a lot more RPGS and you can import from overseas.

        360 and PS3 both have great games, but barely any exclusives and 360 has the least exclusives worth owning.

          On the other hand, somebody that really likes shooters and is not so much into the RPGs might not regard that as a problem.

          Yeah i agree with the 360 exclusives part. I love shooters, but overall I find myself liking the stuff Sony pushes out to be more interesting than what Microsoft pushes out. (not just talking about RPG's, not a big fan of the genre)

          Problem with that is I don't want to get rid of my 360 because I use it for MP, and I don't want to get rid of my PS3 because I'll miss having the SP exclusives in my game collection. If only there was a Hybrid *sigh* (excluding PC which i also play a lot of).

            2006-2008 Xbox 360 FTW
            2009-2012 PS3 FTW
            Micro-soft seemed to forget about the "core" gamers that gave the 360 it's head start and initial success when they began hyping up kinnect, and at the last E3 they seemed to forget it played games at all and just pushed crap like video steaming and facebook Etc.
            If you don't like Halo,fable, forza and gears there's no reason to own an Xbox these days.

        What my man is saying is that for all its power, the next Xbox is most likely not going to use it to do anything especially new or groundbreaking. It'll probably just be the same games with better graphics, and if that's the case, the Scottsman isn't interested.

          It was very important that we knew Scott's feelings on this issue that is completely exclusive to the Xbox brand.

            The Scottster is aware that his comment, like every comment ever made on the Internet, is utterly worthless, but he just thought he'd "throw it out there" - something he thinks the other commenters here might understand, given that they have also made comments.

            He also acknowledges that the next machines from Sony and Nintendo will most likely be just as devoid of innovation as Xbox 3, and apologises if he gave the impression that he is specifically prejudiced against Microsoft. Scottington is an equal opportunity pessimist in this department.

              I also note a similar disinterest in innovation carried across to the PC platform, and also a sudden plateau and/or decline in the smartphone gaming market.

              @ Hot Dog Jones. The "lack of inovation" is an problem with publishers. Nothing to do with the hardware. Will not be a problem anyway, as alot of Developers are moving to self-publishing and the like. What you are saying is the same rhetoric that alot of people are sprouting across the net, just too sound as if they have an uniquely formed opinion.

                Crap, you got me. That's exactly what I'm doing. I just wanted to sound special, all right? But I guess I have to resign to the fact that my opinions are just like everyone else's: The next generation's library will be rife with whole new forms of original gameplay. I hope you're happy. I draw all my self esteem from trying to stand out from the crowd, so you've taken away the only thing I had.

                (And I guess you were joking about that "publishers are responsible for game production" thing. All my games have "Xbox 360" written right there on the covers, so clearly they're generated by the console itself.)

                  Hot dog majog jones mawones, (if i can call you that for long) My games have that to! except when i cross them out and levitate out the window, then they say sam.

                  The platform is just the canvas for the Developer to create with. An mediocre developer will make a mediocre game, even though they is using the same platform/tools as everyon else.

                  Also; never heard of an studio called "Xbox 360..."

        Simply put, 360 is too bang-bang-shooty for my Weeaboo needs.

          I laughed.

          But then I remembered how much I enjoyed Uncharted and how many discs my 360 has cut-to-pieces.

          The PS3 is just a quieter more elegant machine. I don't have to pay anything to play multiplayer, and I can import games from the US -- often for half of the cost locally.

          Now if only I could link directly to American kotaku... then I could pretend that I'm not an Aussie gamer at all.

      This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

        Of course it's personal preference; why should anyone really expect the 720 to be able to pull in a different market to the 360? Kinect tried and failed, and essentially became an awesome tool for everything EXCEPT gaming.

          What market are you talking about. Gamers? Didn't realise brand is an type? Gamers play videogames. What type of gamers are those of us who play videogames on all platforms? I'll tell ya - Actual Gamers.

          @8000 That's what happens when you move any tray based console while the disc is spinning...

            Flawed logic. The 360 is the only platform this generation that pulls that nonsense with the disks, it's actually the only product I've ever owned to do that. That's unforgivable. It's also unforgivable to charge a monthly fee for the right to play your games online when no other platform does that, that's the one thing that's preventing me from even CONSIDERING the purchase of another Xbox console.

            Stop using the word "an" improperly. Use a and an when they're appropriate, THEN you can nitpick.

    If its true it looks like they would be going a complete AMD/ATi rig.. I havent seen a cheap 8 core system out there yet outside of there CPU.

    That being said all this is still over kill and looks to point to another 600-700 console -_- No thanks.

      I'm with you. If anything, I think the next generation should be less powerful than the current one. It might force developers to be a bit more creative rather than just rely on fancy graphics. I'd also like to go back to wired controllers (batteries are a hassle), have the games output in SD resolution (my TV has run out of HDMI ports) and strip away all the useless media player/Foxtel crap. It's a game console, I just want to play games. And it doesn't need any stupid numbers in its name, so they should just call it something like "Xbox".

      I know something like that will never exist, but a man can dream.

        Why not just get an iPad or play Facebook games then? Why even have a next gen console if you're going to make it LESS powerful? Why not just keep this one for another 5-10 years?

        That's like saying, gee this internet is great, BUT you know what? I just want to check my email, and browse some text only news websites and blogs. I really hope next year we all go back to dial up so we can get back to the basics of the internet and not have to worry about all the extras.

        Obviously nothing personal Hot Dog, but from my mindset what you said was very silly indeed.

          Aussie sniper took the bait.. Clearly knows not of sarcasm... :) sorry buddy!

            foxtel and social media suck and have no place on consoles ever

          Sniper, he WAS being silly. Clearly just joking, especially if you look at his other posts here.

          I think he was parodying Nintendo fans. Every time a Nintendo fan says "graphics don't matter, GAMEPLAY matters and Nintendo's disappointing hardware provides better gameplay even with one less analog stick, a lesser touchscreen ability, 3D that prevents motion controls from working properly and the inability to do anything from a gameplay standard beyond what's possible on a PSP." Erm, yeah, just had to let that frustration out, I've been a lifelong Nintendo fan and they're REALLY disappointing me with the 3DS and the Wii U. :

        hd wirles controllers good graphics and good game play no social media no foxtel bull shit that is the ultimate console but unfortunate ly is way to much to ask

        Love that comment! Good baiting, sir!

    8GB of RAM? 8 Core CPU? next they'll be telling you they've put in a GTX 690 in there too... don't expect this to be cheap if they actually put this stuff in production units.

      It has to be strong enough to last for many years. They will take a loss on the hardware as usual. How much? remains to be seen.

      Law of diminishing returns is the reason last gen consoles had to venture beyond the $300 mark at launch, once considered to be the most you could charge. Basically, they had to put much more hardware in to produce any discernible difference with the previous gen. This cycle the problem will be worse.

      $700 is the standard rate for an new console - has been since PSone. This console gen was actually the cheapest at launch. Xbox360 cost me AUD$650 at launch - cheaper than a new smartphone bought outright.

        To be fair, the Xbox 360 launch being $700 here in 2005 won't equate to a $700 console in 2013, what with the price inquiry and US/AU dollar equality nowadays. I'm guessing around $550, given its US$400 release RRP in 2005 is worth about US$470 in 2012.

      Whilst the 8 gigs of ram is noted... the story reports that dev kits traditionally carry double the amount of ram that a release console does.
      As such, they expect the 720 will have 4 gigs.

    anyone else seeing a pattern here? 8gb RAM, 8 core CPU, name of xbox 8 running with windows 8 etc?

    I think this a little overkill, maybe AMD's mid to high end hex core CPU and GPU(2GB), 4GB of RAM and blu-ray as standard. Its almost certain that they will both be AMD/ATI since its the only way they can keep costs down.
    Even the mid to high end current gen ATI gear is capable of running DX11 games at a solid 30 frames with things maybe turned down a little in some games but they may need more punch if they want 60 frames which is becoming the expected minimum.
    Although since even current high end gear will be "at best" mid range by xmas next year maybe its not too much to think of even the 7970 by then as the GPU considering that is even now getting out done by nvidia's GTX 670 in half of the games out at the moment and is $200 - $300 cheaper.

    Food for thought, personally I think that current AMD/ATI high end gear would be the most likely candidates, if AMD is the chosen chipset, just due to lower costs.

      Might seem like overkill now but if we assume a late 2013 launch date with an expected lifespan to 2018-2020, overkill now will be necessary to keep it from being laughably outdated, especially if they're going to retain all the services they've added to the 360 since 2005 and have plans for more (you know they do).

        Intel and Nvidia, dude. That's what they're going for next generation. I'm more a fan of AMD products right now due to their superior price-to-performance ratio at mid-range but Intel/Nvidia and Microsoft are partners on lots of things.

      There's no such thing as overkill. I want this thing to be more powerful than Skynet. It'll be expensive at first, but I'll just wait for the $299 slim version, and then I'll finally have a console that will allow me to play GTA games where I can blow things up and not have all traces of my rampage erased just by driving around the block. That's really all I want.

        So, no Xbox720 for you for, say, 5 years!

          Fine with me. That'll give me time to finish Team Fortress 2.

            By yourself.

    Has no-one heard of the term "mass production"? Things are far cheaper if they're made/bought in huge quantities. 8GB RAM? Pretty much standard, nowadays. 8-cores? The 360 came out with a triple-core in a time when dual-cores were just coming out - today most people are running either dual- or quad-core, so an octo-core seems in line with last time. As for the graphics, the 360 had top-of-the-line graphics when they sent the dev kits out, and it was about a year old on release - with any luck, they'll do the same here. I reckon it'll match the release price of the 360 ($400 + inflation), easy, but it'll come down. It'll take time, but it will come down.

      Yep. Alot of people have a hard time understanding those points. Also, the fact that the CPUs and GPUs are custom designed and hard wired to the board as well. Alot of people still don't understand physical latency of electronic devices either - they still in the "MOARPOWERMEANSBETTER" world...

        I'm still amazed at how many people totally ignored the awesome insights that John Carmack has given us over the last few years about the differences between consoles/PC architectures - for alot of people the facts arn't good enough... boggles the mind!

        Totally agree with you. Most people don't understand how different the architectures are. The Xbox360 CPU-GPU-Memory data transfer speeds are about 6-8x faster than most PCs currently on the market and this is from a piece of hardware that most people call outdated.

        It's not a plug'n'play architecture like PCs. They are engineered to be highly efficient.

      Assuming the mentioned specs do make the cut how do you think they will keep temperatures down with low operation noise in a console form factor? I'm not saying it can't be done but very few companies have the manufacturing technologies to be able to create a cool running octacore processor that doesn't require too much power. I think Microsoft will be looking to avoid a repeat of the 33% failure rate associated to the original 360's and will go a more conservative route.

        Honestly, I'm not too sure how they intend to cool it. I didn't see anything referring to clock-speed; they could be going the high-parallel/low-clock route, which would make less heat to distribute. But, honestly, I don't think anyone can really guess at this until we know more about the CPU (or the GPU, for that matter) - if they're going the custom route again, it's anybody's guess. Only time will tell...

          After some rooting around, if they are going to be Intel/Nvidia (as the article suggests), they could be aiming for an offshoot of the 2013 generation of Atom processors, which would certainly make overheating unlikely. Only thing is, I've yet to see an announcement of 8-core Atoms... but if they're doing quad-core Atoms, and using a similar process to Ivy Bridge, then an 8-core custom CPU could be possible...

    That is quite a jump in hardware, I am impressed after hearing about next gen consoles being conservative with power to be affordable.

    If you don't think that sounds like a lot, consider that it is slightly better than my current PC in RAM/CPU AND think that all that power will go straight to gaming. Its like how current PC games look great on consoles with outdated hardware. These next gen games will look absolutely amazing.

    Whatever they put in it, they'd better fool-proof that bitch before putting it on shelves. Like, I want AT LEAST one console from every production run running at full clip, continuously, for six months, before they decide they're OK for distribution. No red rings of death, or whatever its next-gen equivalent is.
    Bollocks to their costs, I don't want to replace this thing six times within its lifespan. One console, one console generation. I'll be waiting at least a year and double-checking its reliability before investing, regardless of specs.

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