Warhammer Miniatures Come To Life In These Amazing Photos

As a teenager, I was heavily into Warhammer 40K. I've experienced something of a renaissance in recent years. Rarely, if ever has it had much to do with the actual game, though.

I get that kind of release elsewhere. Usually from video games. What I can't get from video games, though, is the sensation of holding a miniature in your hand, and the satisfaction you get from painting it however the hell you want to.

In honour of the little guys, then, is this gallery, showing some of the best examples of Warhammer miniature painting and customisation on the planet.

These images were all taken by games designer Jon Law, who in addition to some awesome painting goes the extra mile by arranging many of his miniatures and shoots in "atmospheric" settings, using smoke and lighting to replicate the conditions of a battlefield.

You can see literally thousands more photos like this at Jon's Flickr page, and check out a great interview with over at Tabletop Geeks.


    I really miss painting these guys. Just do not have the time anymore :(

      +1. I love painting the miniatures and building scenery, but found the game its self so boring

        Yeah I enjoy building and painting the miniatures (even if they are stupidly expensive) but have no real interest in playing the TT game.

        Ironically though, it was my love for the original Dawn of War game that got me into the whole miniature thing.

    Next Warhammer game should definitely be Warhammer 40k: Death Korp of Krieg. Futuristic, WW1 interpretation full of terrible aliens being fought by the most interesting of 40k armies - ordinary men.

      DLC for Dawn of War 2: Retribution reskins the Guard to the Korp

      Have you read "Dead Men Walking"? The Krieg appear to have less of a soul then a Necron warrior

    Too bad Warmachine is better :P

      It's not a competion you troll

    I must've really missed something there, what is that thing dwarfing the bloodthirster?

      It's not a bloodthrister, it's a demon prince (smaller version kinda) and teh other thing is a new model for the grey knights, it's called a dreadknight

      Thats the default Chaos Demon Prince (It's not very nice)
      That's a Grey Knight "Dreadknight", I personally don't like it very much at all.

      As others have said that's a Daemon Prince. But the scale looks a little bit weird because the DreadKnight is closer to the camera, so it looks bigger than it actually is compared to the DP. The DP is also hunched over while the DK is standing at full height.

    These are nice, but I'm still not paying $124 for the 8th Edition rulebook.

      6th Edition....
      Also go to ebay - its about $60 in the US.

    i've just finished painting all my tanks (3 base leman ruses) 1 russ executioner, a manticore 2 chimeras and a bane wolf, i hop on kotaku straight after and i see this piece mocking me by actually showing good paint jobs


    Come on now Luke, that is definitely NOT some of the best painting and customization on the planet. Do some research before you make comments liked that. Nice photos though!

    I wouldn't describe them as some of the best examples of painting and customization on the planet. The mould lines are painfully visible and no attempt has been made to file them down, that's very amateur. The Golden Demon awards showcase the best on the planet that put these to shame.

    I appreciate the lighting tho.

    I wish I could paint half this good.

    Also wish it cost half as much.

      It does, buy it online from ebay stores. Usually 40% less including postage.

        this is where i buy from

    Gamers complain about the price of plastic minatures.

    Proceed to spend hundreds of dollars a year on bits of data in the form of DLC.

      "Proceed to spend hundreds of dollars a year on bits of data in the form of DLC."

      Actually I don't. I tend to buy only the original game or expansions, not the optional extras.

    And yet you are still spending money on plastic discs and bits of data that you technically don't own.

    Not trying to have a jab at you or anyone specifically I just find it a bit funny that a lot of people who play videogames will look at my hobby and go "You spent how much on that bit of plastic!". While their purchase from EB is still just a carboard box filled with plastic.

    This is the start of my new guard army,


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