Watch 13 Minutes Of The Dark Knight Rises Before It Hits Cinemas

Batman has been off Gotham's streets for eight years, and now Bruce Wayne must decide whether or not he returns to fight off this new threat. Rise and shine, time to get a sneak peek at The Dark Knight Rises.

In the featurette, you'll see Tom Hardy giggle about his experiences as the masked villain Bane and tell people exactly why Bane is a better villain than the Joker. "Some people want to watch the world burn? Bane is here to pull the pin on that grenade," he says confidently

We're shown what Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard do in the film, and we're given an insight into how Michael Caine approaches the role of Batman's invisible sidekick, Alfred.

There aren't a huge amount of spoilers in this trailer; we're mostly shown concept art, screenshots, buildings exploding, trailer clips and set piece tours, so you won't ruin anything for yourself.

The crew explains that writer/director Christopher Nolan makes the world as real as possible while shooting. The crowd scenes aren't enhanced by special effects like they were in Lord Of The Rings, for example. The part where Bane's henchmen hang from an aircraft was all real, and the amazing football field scene actually sees a playing field fall apart like it's being attacked by a terrorist.

Waste some time on your Monday morning with these awesome 13 minutes of Batman. [io9]


    "and now Bruce Wayne must decide whether or not he returns to fight"

    I bet you he does!

    Hardy doesn't say Banes a better villain, he says he's a much DIFFERENT villain. The Joker wants to be the orchestrator of the chaos, Bane wants to be the instigator of the chaos. Two different types, it's what Nolans gone for. There's a pretty big difference there....

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Did anyone else notice the similarities between all of Nolan's villains? They all have it in for Gotham... They're all terrorists, and they all seem to have people who follow them in vast numbers. Gotham must be a real shithole to have so many scumbags in it... I'm with Bane - nuke the fucking place.

    That many people willing to follow these maniacs seems... I don't know... Unusual. And Batman's adherence to not killing them - also unusual. It might make a short movie, but these guys are human, after all. Just shoot him and be done with it, FFS. So fucking pious and pretentious.

      not sure if being sarcastic or never read batman before

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