Watch Five Hits And One Kidnapping In 17 Minutes Of Hitman: Absolution

Enjoy a developer-guided playthrough of one level — called "The Streets of Hope" — in Hitman: Absolution, shown at this year's E3.


    silencers do not sound like laser guns *pew* *pew* its more of a clapping noise. loud enough to hear if your close by. but still of course, no where near as loud as not using a silencer. why do video games always do this, kinda tacky.

    *play* walking... *fast fwd*... walking... *fast fwd*.. haha overalls and walking.


    how a dude in a black tux standing in the middle of the street scoping everything doesn't attract EVERYONE's attention (esp bunch of gangsters)......

    still, great game

      Would you prefer the older games where people were so suspicious of said bald dude that they shot him for walking into a ladies toliet or running in the streets?

    All the cops look exactly the same

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