Watch Paranoia Become The Death Of An Entire Group In DayZ

In the video above, one DayZ player decides to infiltrate a wandering group when they mistake him for a member. Once someone's suspicions starts to rise, though, everyone freaks out. And attacks each other.

Anyone could be the infiltrator! Little do they know that the real infiltrator is hanging back, waiting to finish off the rest of the group members who haven't already offed each other.

Desperate times, where survival is bleak and people can't be trusted anymore, really makes for high tension even amongst groups of people who've banded together. DayZ, and this video in particular, are a great example of just how wrong things can go. It often seems that paranoia and selfishness are more a cause for death than zombies in this Arma II mod.

The Dayz Infiltrator. [YouTube via Reddit]


    AU2 was hit by hackers last night, finally saw it for myself. I started on one of the islands and next minute was on the top of Elektro's hospital. Everybody then got shot and died (except those of us who managed to exit the game).

    Fish in a barrel, did anybody else experience this?

    I forget what server it was, but everyone got teleported to the NW airfield. Half of us didn't even have weapons and the others started opening fire. It was a massacre, but this other guy and I ran into a hanger. I found an M4, he found a pistol, and we were just hiding in there, when some guy with a silenced M4 and Ghillie started shooting. The other guy died, but the bandit didn't know I was in there and I managed to kill him while he was being swarmed by zombies. When I rejoined later his M4 that I picked up was gone and I had to start over, but I was still at the airfield and found another M4.

    The weirdest hacker experience I had was on a Seattle Server about a month ago. I was near the NE airfield. I was running back from the tower near there after spawning in and I heard a jet engine. Thought, "oh alpha is alpha it's some hang over sound from ARMA2 code," or whatever... got to the end of the airfield and as I did, ZOOOM... A10 takes off over my head and heads south... WTF!!!

    I got hacked twice one on nz2 and once on american

    My server pulled me out of my game and threw everyone into "The Thunderdome" last night. You lose your gear and gave to find crates full of every item in the game and battle to the death. It was odd.

    Ive noticed that a lot of servers like 5 minutes before they
    restart they teleport everyone to the same location and its like a
    few for all and if you survive you are teleported back to where you
    were after restart. FUN TIMES! axe seems to be the best weapon.

    HACKERS are the primary cause of death, although Kotaku seems disinterested in reporting on the issue...

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