Watch The Mental Meltdown Of A Leaderboard-Beating Dyad Run

Dyad is the kind of game that's tough to talk about — you kinda have to play it to get it. That said, watching a level play out gives a decent sense of the disorienting, often exhilarating experience.

Here, Chris Person blasts through one of the early levels and puts on a pretty impressive show, earning himself a #1 rank on the leaderboards. Of course, early reviewers always get to enjoy this time when we actually have a shot at landing on the leaderboards — that said, it's still a darned impressive run.

Diad hits the PlayStation Network next week. I've played the game for a few hours back during the Game Developers' Conference, though I haven't yet had a chance to sit down and really plug in to the final version. I have a feeling that super-players are going to rack up some insane scores in this game pretty quickly once it's released. I just hope they don't lose their minds while doing so.


    I have no idea what is going on in that video. Should there be some kind of epilepsy warning before that starts.

      there probably is on the box and when you start the game up, but I would probably risk it O_o

    oh, and I guess I would kind of compare it to audiosurf a little

    This looks like that game Harmonix or whatever they're called made before Guitar Hero

    I cant even tell what you are supposed to do in this game except try to finish the level before you give yourself a seizure...

    No, but seriously, that's kind of hard on the eyes.

    Epileptic here.

    Seizure jokes are about as funny to us as rape jokes to rape victims.

    Here's a taste of what it's like. Basically, tazer your neck.
    That's a mild one.

    Want a strong one? Knife the mains power.

    No, I'm NOT joking. The worst ones are like Zeus just gave you an enema.

    Oh and that video did shit to me, so quit making jokes about it hitting us.

    In other news, the game is more like Rez style wise.
    (Which came out before Guitar Hero on PS2, so likely Harmonix were inspired by it.)

      Actually, I do see this as a cross between Frequency and Rez, but Frequency (Harmonix) technically beat Rez (United Games Artists) by a single day!

      Frequency - November 20, 2001 (US)
      Rez - November 21, 2001 (JP)

      Both of which I loved, so I will be all over this game!

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