Watch This Guy Beat All Of Diablo III's Toughest Bosses With His Eyes Closed

Some have said that Diablo III is too easy. Power-gamer Athene is among those people — to demonstrate this, he went ahead and beat each of Diablo III's toughest bosses in a matter of seconds.

But of course that wasn't enough. So, he's made a new video of himself beating all the same bosses (on the most difficult Inferno difficulty, natch)… with his eyes closed. Sometimes without even sitting at the computer.

This is very funny. Athene has made a name for himself being such a cocky guy, as well as for crowdsourcing loot aquisition to get superpowered characters and raising lots of money for charity. When you watch him sack-dance all over Diablo III's toughest bosses while smack-talking the game, you almost start to feel… bad for Diablo III? Which is weird, because no one feels bad for Diablo III!

I have to say that the thumbnail for this video, "Eyes Closed Stevie Wonder Edition," had me hoping that we'd get to watch Athene kill bosses accompanied by "I Wish" or something. Unfortunately, all we got was this goofy (but I'm sure, royalty-free) ragtime music. Oh well, at least the video is a lot of fun. Stick around for the final fight against Diablo — Ha!

[via VG247]


    There is nothing 'tough' about the Diablo bosses, its the Champions etc that are hard. I'd personally like to see Athene play through the game with no help from anyone, then would see if he truly has any form of 'skill'.

      I agree, there really is nothing special about a guy who has his own small army of people farming him gear so he can faceroll a game, anyone can do that.

    "I have to say that the thumbnail for this video, “Eyes Closed Stevie Wonder Edition,” had me hoping that we’d get to watch Athene kill bosses accompanied by “I Wish” or something. "

    Thought you where going to say you where hoping to see Stevie Wonder play Diablo...

    Not dissing him but the random on Hc Inferno are harder than most of the set bosses. And he keeps going zwviiiit behind the pillar....

    Using one of the few (only?) homing missile attacks naturally.

    Please stop giving this fuckwit coverage. i dont care that he donate to a charity, he is just a fuckwit and tool.

    Agreed, Athene is a ass. Wish I could have over 250k dps and 150m gold like he does. Most of the best D3 players get about 40-60k if lucky, some even get to 140k.

    Biggest turd he had done was pretending to be hacked and got people to donate all his specs again then revealing he was joking and trolled everyone, laughing while he had double what he has now without so much as knowing it was taking it too far.

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