Watch This Incredible My Little Pony Beat ‘Em Up In Action

Watch This Incredible My Little Pony Beat ‘Em Up In Action

Given a sliver of a mention in a US Kotaku post not long ago, this fantastic indie project deserves a hell of a lot more attention. So, here’s a whole two minutes of the game in action; you’ll be blown away by the amount of polish in the animations, special moves and presentation.

My Little Pony: Fighting Is Magic is the work of a six-man team called Mane6. The concept took shape back in mid-2011, but it’s only now we’re seeing the fruits of the group’s labour.

Built in 2D Fighter Maker 2002, Fighting Is Magic will feature six characters — “Twilight Sparkle”, “Rarity”, “Applejack”, “Pinkie Pie”, “Fluttershy” and “Rainbow Dash” — with another 11 to be introduced gradually with downloadable content. Before you freak out about how much it’ll cost, don’t worry — not only will the game be free, but the DLC too. All you’ll need is a PC running Windows XP, Vista or 7.

Hasbro, which owns the intellectual property, isn’t known for going easy on projects like this. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get shut down.

Bite-Size Update 8: EVO2k Build Combos [YouTube, via TIGSource]


      • The Eeveelution speaks the truth. Self control and all that. If I was an anti-brony/non-brony (maybe, depends on the article content) instead for instance I wouldn’t have cared to go to this article, though that’s just me I guess.

  • Hasbro should fund this project, release it as an XBLA/PSN/Steam game and make all the money. I’d buy the crap out of this game.

    • Hasbro wouldn’t ever fund this project as this would taint the brand. The only thing they can do is simply allow me to be developed and released into the public.

    • Really, is it just for them? With all the pop culture references in it, it really seems like it’s also for a more mature audience. I mean unless you’re saying mature people aren’t allowed to watch cartoons, then carry on.

  • There are a lot of things on the internet that I don’t understand. Bronies are one of those things.

    • What’s not to get? We like a cartoon show, we make fan-creations of said show, everybody’s happy.

    • If you wish to learn about them, I’d be happy to lend my perspective. There’s really a good bunch of people.

  • I love how Bronies think all the pop culture references are just for them. You realize most kids shows do this now to make it less unbearable for parents to watch, right?

    • You realize that this makes cartoons more accessible to audiences outside the target demographic, right?

    • We already know that. The creator stated that herself, we were an expected audience. Doesn’t mean can’t appreciate the references too.

    • And, by extension, us. Just because a lot of us don’t have kids doesn’t mean that we find it any less unbearable when cartoons are idiotic. Thus, when a reference or two is thrown in, it’s meant for us as well.

      • It’s mainly because the more excitable members of the fanbase spam pony pics and stuff in unwanted/unrelated areas of the net., and it pisses some people off. A sad thing, but true. Of course, there are also those who can’t stand us simply for watching the show.

      • Do try not to blame them, they simply don’t know better. It’s up to us to show by example, not by allowing things to descent into petty insults. Carry on.

      • Yes obviously it makes it more accessible to larger demographics. My point is they are not super secret in jokes just for bronies as many seem to think. My point is most shows do this. There is nothing great about ponies to warrant such rampant gushing fandom. The animation is ok. The writing is ok. It’s an ok show. I suspect people just like to believe they love it so much so they can argue and bitch whenever someone points this out and get some sort of gratification out of getting their panties in a bunch.

        • It’s not a secret club or anything… you’re only seeing it that way because you’re not a fan. When I first started watching it, I was obviously a little iffy about it as well, but the show really surprised me. See, I’m a gigantic fan of Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends. That show was made by Lauren’s husband and she wrote for it if I’m not mistaken. Regardless, there was some fantastic talent that went into this show and I don’t like it to be different… I like it because the characters are fun, the world of the show is neat, and it’s just a fun show in general. Aside from that, I can’t wait for Fighting is Magic. It’s going to be great.

  • What happened here is that Lauren Faust, the show’s creator, made girls’ culture cool. Good enough for ANYONE to appreciate it. You wouldn’t bat an eye if someone came up to you and confessed that the latest PIXAR film (ex: Toy Story, Up) was really good, but people are still confused when they hear that older people like ponies. It’ll take some getting used to for most, but good animation and character writing can truly be for any demographic. I think the fact that older people (along with the kids) embrace the show is really special. It proves that Lauren had accomplished her goal and that she can continue to make good female centered entertainment that doesn’t condescend.

  • Don’t mind me! I’m just here for the butt-hurt.

    Game is looking better every time I see it. I can just imagine the explosion of activity once it’s done.

  • Well I know that Lauren Faust (the creator of the show) and Jayson Thiesson (guy currently in charge) are in favour of this game, so I think we’re ok on that front.

  • Just a nitpick of mine: the name is Mane6, not Mame6. Mame is an emulator that is often used for these kind of games, though, so I understand your guys’ confusion 😛

  • actually hasbro has been extremely lenient when it comes to bronies. not even taking down full mlp eps from youtube, considering it free advertising. BEST COMPANY EVER! so yeah unlikely they will do anything to stop this super-ultra-extreme-awesomazing fighting game

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