Watch Two Chunks Of Fresh ZombiU Gameplay

Ubisoft has shared two new videos of direct gameplay from ZombiU, their Wii U-only survival horror game. The footage comes from the same part of the game that so impressed me when I played it at E3.

The meatier part, above, shows the nursery level, where take it from me — stuff goes wrong — it's a lot of claustrophobic jump-scares and close-quarters panic-fighting.


    Damn that looked good

    Now thats what im talking about!!! I cant wait to get my hands on this game..

    Didn't care much for Wii U untill I saw this.

    there really is something sloppy about this game

    a flash light that is held by a third hand?

      No it could be in his pocket or on his head?

      In the video, it shows the light in his front shirt pocket.

      1:24. Could be a shoulder strap. Watch the vid next time.

      Not the fact that it's held offhand, that can be done with clips or headstraps but the fact that he turns it on without taking his hands off the handgun

    Looks awesome!

    Day 1 for me!

    thought having to go through a daycare was a bit unnecessary.

    besides none of the zombies looked like daycare teachers.

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