Watch What Left 4 Dead Looks Like Running On Your Vita

It's not Valve-official by any means, but with the power of button mapping, playing Left 4 Dead is possible on your Vita.

With dual joysticks and motion-sensing accuracy, I'd say playing a few rounds of L4D on Sony's newest handheld device doesn't look too shabby.

[Thanks Kenneth!]


    might want to point out that this requires the Playstation Suite development Assistant software on the beta
    (click the link under step 2)

    Though the technical know how would be well out of reach of most.

    Oh please make Diablo 3 work on the Vita, now that would be awesome!

    I cant adequately express how angry I am that some random guy on the internet can make the vita more fun than the company that spent Millions making it.
    I have a vita and used it for two weeks after launch thought it would fun to be an early adopter for once.
    If I could use it for gaming like this guy id be a happy customer. Till then ill just keep playing the shitty AR games.

      do you have gravity rush?
      what games do you have?
      I bought on early release and have had, and still am having, heaps of fun with the vita

        What this guy said, I've played through Uncharted: Golden Abyss and just finished Gravity Rush, both of which were good fun! I'm planning on hammering Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 now. :)

    Sweet fancy F***-cakes, yes.

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