Watching These People Play The 'Slenderman' Game Is Almost Scarier Than Playing For Yourself

There's something special about watching someone else play a horror game. Particularly one you've already played. It's the mark of a truly scary game — once it catches on, there follows a growing number of videos of people playing, and being freaked out by, the game. It became popular with Amnesia: Dark Descent — I certainly lost a couple hours of my life watching videos of people screaming and wetting themselves as they entered that infamous flooded basement.

The terrifying-ass video game Slender, a free PC/Mac game based on the slender man mythos, now has a good number of these sorts of videos available.

If you've played the game, you know that the whole thing is basically a setup for one major scare, but man… it doesn't make the scare any less scary when it finally happens. And in the case of the video above, it almost makes it more scary to see someone else experience it.

These three are more highlights — the first two are goofy, the third one is another legitimately freaky one.

This kid talks a lot of smack about the game until it finally actually gets scary. Aw.

This "become a bro" continues his obsession and makes his girlfriend play with him, then proceeds to freak out so hard he makes her freak out. Silly.

This one is my other current favourite — a mellow-voiced guy makes his way through the game, gradually becoming more freaked out, until he completely loses his shit.

I think maybe we watch these videos because it's nice to know we weren't the only ones who reacted that way.

Slender is currently in beta version 0.9.4, and can be downloaded free for both PC and Mac here.


    the scariest element of slender was how excruciatingly slow you move. I understand that youre not supposed to jet around like Jazz Jackrabbit on crack but getting around at snails pace for me had an adverse affect on the gameplay. Also, I think Amnesia must have broken my scary receptors.. this just didn't do much for me :(

      There WAS a run button. You just had to use it sparingly.

    "Be a bro" is just his button to subscribe to his channel which is Pewdiepie which i highly recommend as his videos are the funniest shit and he's a great guy

      Eh. I wouldn't say funniest... he's okay, though.

      Why is he a great guy? He seems like an unfunny and profoundly annoying guy to me.

    Sorry Kotaku, but Cr1tikal's playthrough is superior to all three of these.

    well, at least i am not alone in thinking this is not scary at all....
    all hype imo, if this actually scares you, then i would advise you not to ever play an actual scary game...

    I'm so pleased to see Cry's video here! He's my favourite LPer, and doesn't get nearly as much love as he deserves.

    That dude with the mellow voice made me laugh so hard and then frightened the shit of me at the same time !

    "Okay, they’re in the woods…the camera keeps on moving…uh, I think they’re looking for some witch or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t listening…nothing’s happening…nothing’s happening…something about a map…nothing’s happening…it’s over. A lot of people in the audience look pissed"

    "Slender is currently in beta version 0.9.4, and can be downloaded free for both PC and Mac here."
    >>Clicks on link
    >>Current version is 0.9.6

      Wait, nevermind, it's an old article. Dunno why this was down in the bottom bar where the new and popular posts go when I'm browsing Gizmodo.

    GREAT GAME???!!!!!!!!

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