We Weren't Fighting, Claims Kid, We Were Copying A Video Game

Recently, a 14 year-old junior high school student in Hyogo, Japan was arrested after a one-minute YouTube video, showing him punch and kick a 12 year-old grade school student, appeared online. The 12 year-old, however, said he was a willing participant in the video — though, he did add that he was hurt during the spat.

The person holding the camera (presumably, the 14 year-old's friend) can be heard saying, "This will be an interesting video," and "Don't hit him in the face." The video was titled "Real Fight" in Japanese.

"Even if all boys involved took part willingly, this was clearly an assault on a boy who is physically smaller (than the one hitting him)," a Hyogo education board official said.

The 14 year-old said, "We were copying the popular video game Kenka Bancho."

This isn't the 14 year-old's first run-in with the law; on July 19, he was arrested for assaulting a 15 year-old high student in a parking lot — making him an equal opportunity bully who is willing to beat up older and young kids. Swell.

Police to question 14-year-old boy over video of him beating up younger student [Mainichi]

「人気ゲーム『喧嘩番長』をまねた」兵庫・赤穂の暴行動画 加害生徒らが市教委に説明 [MSN]


    Any lessons here? Yes indeed... Parents, M15+ games (or the japanese equiv) are M15+ for a reason.

      Exactly, parents should be to blame, if they let there kids play these violent video games then they are to blame if the outcome ends badly.

      Parents are supposed to know who and what type of person there kids are and should know what games they canblame.

      Im sik of these parents letting there 10-14 year old kids play games not designed for there age, just cause they want there kids to think there cool. And then when something goes wrong like there kid kills there younger sibling because of the video game or so they say, they then blame it on the developers and try to ban video games and ruin it for everyone else.

      Im a father of 2 myself and I think its time we start blaming the parents again. These video games are made for mature teenagers not for kids still in primary school.

      Now I played all those violent video games When I was 10 but my parents knew me and knew how to teach me from right and wrong and ive always known games are fake.

      If parents are just letting there kids do wat they want then what more to expect from there kids.

      Parents make mistakes but dont want to admit its their own fault so they blame the developers to make themselves feel better.

      Parents are to blame cause for the first 15 years of our lifes are molded and shaped by what our parents have taught us and by what sort of person they are.

      If they are not nice people then the kid grows up being a horrible person.

      If the kids grow up playing what ever violent games they want and there dad beats down on the mum, then that kid is gonna grow up being a bully and possibly kill someone.
      Im a dad and dont like ti hear people blame everything on the parents but we have anough evidence to prove that everything a parent does around their kids will shape who the kids become and my kids are proof.

        Can't just blame parents, it is the responsibility of the actors involved to not behave like fucking idiots.

    Link the video.

    Pics or it didnt happen

    ^ Such sad lives we have craving to see children fighting each other.

    Seriously though who has a link?

    sigh, i remember mimicking cartoons like this with my brothers, like ninja turtles and dragon ball Z.

    We didnt film it, and yeah someone got hurt now and then, that's a part of being a kid. Grow the hell up world.

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