These Dantes Certainly Don't Like Devil May Cry's Redesign

Kotaku reader Eric, a mean Devil May Cry cosplayer (centre, standing), was at the recent ACEN 2012 in Chicago, where he joined some friends in visually expressing their feelings towards Dante's redesign in the upcoming DMC.


    My, they are a gracious bunch. Forward-thinking and mature.

      So's the redesign of Dante

      oh wait no it isn't

      Someone needs to grow a sense of humour (like they all obviously have).

        Don't you know you have to give up all semblance of a sense of humour to be mature?!!!
        Oh wait, no you don't.
        Then again maybe he was just being ironic by implying the new Dante is 'forward-thinking' in any way 0_o We're through the looking glass here people!

    I love it :D, why should they hide how they feel?

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