We're Getting An Awesome Lego Portal Movie This Year (Unofficially)

The amazing individual known as Kooberz, who brought us the brilliant stop-motion Lego take on Ghost Recon this past spring is — sorry, Ghost Recon — doing something cooler for his next project: stop-motion Lego Portal.

The short film will be released in two or three parts, with the first one scheduled for release later this year. For now, we have some terrific teaser posters...

Thanks to Kooberz for giving us the heads up and for reminding us that, if you like the idea of Lego Portal, there's still a chance that this fan initiative to get real Portal Lego sets made could still happen — though there seem to have been some pushback from the Lego folks.

Movie Posters- Kooberz Studios [Flickr]


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