What A Celebrity Game Of Team Fortress 2 Looks Like

That's a relative term, of course, as these are video game celebrities, but still. If you've ever wanted to see Minecraft creator Marcus Persson, Valve's Robin Walker and internet superstar Freddie Wong go at it over Team Fortress 2, here's your chance.

To cut out the fluff, the actual game - which also includes other devs from Valve and Bethesda - starts at 8:18 in the video above.

Watch Notch, Freddie Wong, Valve, Bethesda, and us fight for charity, honour in Team Fortress 2 [PC Gamer]


    Lost interest at "Team Fortress 2".

      Lost interest at "Luke Plunkett"

    Journalist is also a relative term. As is mother f#@%*r.

    the term celebrity is used very loosely

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