What A New Mario Game Could/Should Look Like

Part of the reason I'm not exactly thrilled about the Wii U isn't because of its hardware, it's because of the games. I want to see what a new Zelda game or a new Mario game looks like on the console. And when I say new, I mean new.

So I like what artist Luigi Lucarelli is doing here. This is his idea for "Super Mario Universe", a new Mario game that involves large, open worlds to explore. And, hopefully, some nice cartoon graphics to boot.

Super Mario Universe [DeviantArt, via it 8-bit]


    Nintendo...? Taking risks with games...?

    Bahahahahahaha! The future is DLC time trial levels (seriously, what the fuck) and ultra easy 3DS Mario games that you finish in under two hours, and 100% in 8.

      Are you kidding? Nintendo take plenty of risks. From cel-shaded Zelda to motion controls. Mario is being constantly re-built with new concepts that try to keep the series seem fresh. I’m not Nintendos biggest fan but saying they don’t take risks seems like a bizarre and ill-thought statement to me.

    This looks like the exact opposite of the kind of image I want Mario to have. So, uh, good job with that train wreck. Don't think you could wreck that train any harder. Should get an award, really, I'm impressed.

      So cute and cartoony isn't your thing? I personally would love to see more games really nail the cartoony look (and not look like toon-shaded 3d).

      Is this 'non-cute' Mario more in line with your tastes, or is it an equal train wreck in the opposite direction? - https://dl.dropbox.com/u/5478701/mario_puck_websize.jpg

        haha, yuck. I don't think anyone would want mario to look like that.

        As hilarious as a creepfest Mario game would be, not really what I'd want from the game series. I don't really consider grotesque the opposite of cutesy, but I was thinking more aggressive/exciting as the opposite of inoffensive/cuddly. The cutscenes from SSB:Brawl are a good starting point.

    An open world mario would be a step backwards in my eyes. The big open levels of mario galaxy are the weakest and least interesting. I much preferred the tightly designed platforming stuff to the fetching and running of the open ones.

      Galaxy has open levels now?

        Like, three. I want a new Banjo Kazooie.... and not a horrible, horrible 360 one...

    Think it's like a drug user chasing their first high.. I want to experience that epic feeling Mario 64 gave me when I played it all those years ago!

      Here here!

    I thought it was a facebook game :\ looks bad.

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