What Are You Looking Forward To?

Whenever I'm finished watching/playing/listening to something I've spent a long time anticipating, there's always that little twinge of sadness. What do I have to look forward to now? It's part of why it's so crappy to be a pathetic human being. Now that The Dark Knight Rises is out, and The Avengers is out... and Prometheus has been and gone — what movies are you looking forward to?

In fact let's not just keep it to movies. This Tuesday post is typically about stuff that isn't video games, but we might as well add those into the mix. And books. And music.

In general, what is the thing you are most anticipating at the moment?


    Last Wheel of Time book.

      This! It's been sooo long. I trudged through so many of the boring bits of those books because I loved the characters and the setting, accepting when Jordan introduced an entire new story arc just as you thought things might actually start wrapping up, even overlooking all the borrowed ideas and embracing the hodgepodge of a world for what it was. How many people have gotten part way through this series and given up, never to see its conclusion??? LET IT END SANDERSON! LET IT END!!! (Then start on the prequels please)

      Sanderson was the best thing that happened to WoT. The last book felt much tighter and more driven.

    More Potaku!

    Assassin's Creed 3. There aren't really any movies coming out that I'm even slightly interested in, when I think about it.

      This needs a favourite/like button so I can click it!

    Opening night of the NBA season.

      Yep, this. Olympics has helped but it's not the same.

    John Carmack's VR upcoming headset.
    The Hobbit, and Total Recall I guess.

    Games: Darksiders 2 & WWE'13... Was lucky enough to get my hands on both last Friday at THQ Australia's offices... And the full non-beta version of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

    Movies: Wreck it Ralph

    Blu-Ray: The Avengers

    There's another Terry Pratchett book coming out in less than two months. Another non-Discworld one, at that. Rather keen to see how that goes.

    The DVD/BR release of Cabin in the Woods (particularly if there's commentary) is something I'm really looking forward too. Don't have any idea when that's happening.

    There aren't too many games I'm excited about. Heart of the Swarm is the only thing that really springs to mind and that's more from being able to see the metagame switches in tournaments than being able to play the game myself.

    Dawnguard goddamnit. Get your shit together Bethesda.

    Dishonored. Assassins Creed III. Borderlands 2.

    Finishing uni.

    Django Unchained. The Hobbit.

    Django Unchained

      Absolutely. Tarantino!
      And I've been waiting for Moonrise Kingdom for about a year. Only one more month to wait

    Book 3 of the Kingkiller Chronicle (Patrick Rothfuss).
    Only series I've ever happily broken my 'wait until it's done' rule.

    They Might Be Giants coming to Australia next year!

    Maybe. Hopefully.

    They've announced that they want to come if they can convince a promoter to support them, so I'm going to be promoting the hell out of their effort on TAY, Twitter and Facebook!

    dahhh the hobiit....

    September, Young Justice returns! also, animated adaptation of Dark Knight Returns!
    The Hobbit is in December.

    Oh, and the Windows 8 blitzkrieg in October/November should yield some cool stuff (Get my new Windows Phone).

      To add to this, Cloudberry Kingdom is in beta, and should be out by the end of the year!

    Restricting my excitement to just this year... Dishonored, Halo 4 (OMG OMG OMG), Skyfall, AC3, Borderlands 2, Breaking Bad, Dexter, Hobbit, Far Cry 3, NFS Most Wanted, and actually quite excited about the new MOH as one of the few people who seemed to like the first one... well the first rebooted one that is, and I'm hoping Forza Horizon is good too.

    Bombcast each week is the commute to work I cannot wait for. Breaking Bad can't come around quick enough each week.

      I envy those people who are able to wait until the end of the season, so that they can see it all in one big chunk.

        Like me! 2 episodes left in season 2, then two whole seasons sitting there on disc waiting for me. And I can only assume that's going to take me so damn long that season 5 will be finished by the time I'm ready.

        Jealous? You're jealous.

          Season 5 is being split in half, with the second half coming out next year.

          Also, most people make it through the first four seasons in (at most) a few weeks. You'll be caught up before the first half of this season is over :p

    Prometheus 2, if only to make sense of the first one.

    Getting the new Macbook Pro in a few months

    other than that, the Deadpool game and movie!

    My upcoming move to Melbourne! After spending the entirety of my 22 years of life on the Gold Coast, I couldn't be more excited. More so however is the return of my girlfriend after shes spent the last year in Canada. It's been the hardest 12 months but I feel stronger towards the relationship for it. Long distance? It's tough folks!

      Oh, and AC3, Fall of Cybertron, my DKR Batman model from Hottoys, Dishonoured, etc etc

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