What Are You Playing This Weekend

Well it's Shameless Gaming month, and I just had to be all fancy and try and play Dark Souls, didn't I? So now I have to suffer through this mental, mental game.

But what are you playing this weekend? I like Shameless Gaming Month because it seems as though everyone is playing something different.

Shameless Gaming has been great for me so far. Even though I haven't finished Dark Souls, and don't expect to come anywhere close, the feeling that I can play without worrying about not playing the latest release is really liberating.

In saying that, I do want to try Spelunky. So bad. But I shall resist.


    My shamless gaming month failed, since instead of going through my pile of shame, I've restarted playing Dark Souls again :p

      Heheh hells yeah man,20mins into dawnguard got bored so back to Dark souls for another run through!!

    Between playing Footy and attending the Saints Swans match I plan to give train simulator another crack. Plus all the other steam sale items. In saying that I have already started my weekend gaming by finding out my work computer can run torchlight.

    Attempting to go through the humongous list of games that I bought from the Steam Summer Sale.

    Bioshock 2, Fallout 3 + NV, Saints Row 3, Rayman Origins, Beyond Good and Evil, Thief 1, 2, 3, FEAR 2, Arkham City, Alan Wake, and a ton of Telltale games.

    GW2 beta weekend, all weekend.

      See you there friend :P I have a spare key if anyone wants it too...hit me up at [email protected] - be fast so you can download and hit it early morning Saturday.

      I am counting down the hours until I can enter Tyria again.

      Though this time I'm just going to chill out, I went of massive binges in the last two, and intend to go on an insane one next month, with the release being 2 days after my birthday, and that entire week free... oh yeeeahhh.

      I'll be testing their name reservation logic/policy as well as taking screenshots of CC sliders :p

    I've had Trenched/Iron Brigade sitting on my hard drive since it was on sale a couple months ago, but haven't touched it... time to experience some of that Double Fine magic again I think...

    I'm having a terrible run with Shameless Gaming Month. Not only am I not finishing anything, I'm hardly even playing anything. That said I did finish inFamous last weekend. So there's one off the pile.

    This weekend I think I might finally get back into Metroid Prime 3 (if I can find my Wii's sensor bar). Either that or sleep.

    I'll hopefully be able to finish off Uncharted: Golden Abyss

    After seeing Dark Knight Rises I'm really tempted to get arkham city again, but I know I should wait it out for the GOTY edition in September.

    Other than struggling to resist getting that again, BF3 and after some STALKER, got the pack for 12 bucks on steam. Hoorah.

    Doing some shameless gaming, been playing deus ex the game is actually alot better than expected I might even consider replaying for a stealth or pacifist run or a combination of both.

    Shank 2 and Sly Cooper Trilogy so I can be ready for Sly Cooper 4: Thieves in Time.

    So far I've finished the following:

    Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days
    Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
    Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    LEGO Batman 2
    Lollipop Chainsaw
    Walking Dead Episode 2

    Still looking to get through Red Dead Redemption, Atelier Totori and Dead Space 2 so that along with Heroes Season 4 is my weekend.

    I might start a game of Lara Croft Guardian of light and maybe continue with my Infamous 2 evil playthrough

    Play through war for cybertron in preparation for fall of cybertron and probably nostalgia trip ober tony hawk hd

    Continue working through Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (nearly there), and try to squeeze in some Starcraft 2.

      Same here! Well not starcraft 2, but I'm playing through Assbro now. Only up to sequence 4, but I've been focussing on doing everything I can before the main story so have lots of money comin g in!

    MGS3 HD on Vita
    Finished 2 last night. Glad it's over, although the temptation to replay it for unlockables is there.

      Shoulda played em in Metal Gear chronological order :P

    want to play starhawk again in hard finish up resistance 3 (the only good one in the series) and finish walking dead episode 2 and continue my true blood marathon

    I'll probably try and fumble through Mirror's Edge and the Broken Sword trilogy. If I actually manage that tonight/tomorrow, I may reward myself with some Monkey Island SE 1 & 2 on Sunday. Unfortunately I've made zero progress on Shameless gaming as most of my time this month has not been my own.

    The Witcher 2 on 360. Also got The Witcher, Amnesia and Black and White 2 waiting for me on PC.

    Since ive finished Deus Ex: Human Revoultion again, all other games seem like crap to me! I didnt want it to end! I went shopping for a new game yesterday, but there isnt much out as far as new releases go. I may pick up Spec Ops:The Line just for something to play!

      Play it again! I've finished it somewhere between 10 and 15 times now :D

        Holy crap! That's amazing! And I thought I liked it alot!

    I'll be playing with a whole heap of TAYbies awwwww yeahhhhh

    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD for me. I'm really enjoying it so far! Some of the levels included in the game are a bit questionable but it's still really good fun. If you were a genuine fan of the Hawk games back in the day you won't be disappointed.

    On the side I’ll also be playing a bit of MineZ. It’s a new type of scenario being played on particular
    Minecraft servers. Basically it borrows Day Z gameplay and adapts it to Minecraft standards. It’s been pretty thrilling so far.

    Going for 100% in Arkham City... this will take a while.

    EVE. It has me in its clutches and won't let go.

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