What Are You Playing This Weekend (Because I'll Be Stabbing My Eye With A Screwdriver)

I've committed to playing and trying to finish Dark Souls, but that doesn't mean I have to like it goddammit! But the weird thing? I'm actually loving it. What are you guys playing this weekend?

Here's my predicament — I'm up to the Capra Demon in Dark Souls, and it's balls out hard. I've watched youtube tutorial videos, I've gotten advice from folks who have beaten him, but I'm still struggling. Tonight's the night, though. I'm doing it. By God I'm going to beat that bastard. Once I kill his dogs, I'll have his head I swear it!

So yeah, that's probably what I'll be playing for the entire weekend. Best decision ever. I love this game.


    Finish up Rayman Origins, then move onto Spec Ops: The Line. I feel compelled to get all the collectables in Rayman. I don't care about achievements, but for some reason I must have them in this case. :P

      Rayman is one beautiful and fun game

    working on my time machine to get me to September 21st quicker...

    I'm playing "Uni work".
    Although I might dip into the Ratchet and Clank trilogy.

    Just finished Dead Space. Don't know what to dig out next: Deus Ex Human Revolution, Dead Space 2, Resistance 2 or Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Any advice? What should I play?

      Get through the second Dead Space while it's still fresh in your mind, after the first one with its clunky controls Isaac Clark feels like a necromorph killing machine in the sequel!

      I would say Deus Ex after that, fantastic game.

    I've decided that I'm finally going to start playing Dark Souls at the same time my brother starts on PC.

    This weekend, though, I'm determined to play Diablo III (it just hasn't happened for weeks) and finish off Shameless Gaming Month with a flourish by completing game #3 - Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper. Booyah!

    I'm upto the old 'try and get some more achievements at the end of the game' of Red Dead Redemption on PS3 (yes, I waited a long time to play this game) then working out what to play next, I need some linear action type stuff before I hit Max Payne 3 on PC. I got some cheap stuff from the Steam sale, so perhaps I'll have another try at Arma II or play Splinter Cell: Conviction finally... I believe it's a weekend finishable game and probably what I need before I head back to work Monday.

    My capra demon method was to keep running around in a circle, up the stairs, along the ledge jumping down then back to the stairs again, occasionally hitting him with fireball/soul arrow

      I got lucky with Capra Demon, I ran up the stairs and killed the dogs at the top, then walked across the ledge so the Capra Demon was right below me, jumped down and stabbed his face, rinse and repeat and won.

      I took out the dogs and then patiently took out capra. one hit then retreat

      His telegraphs are pretty obvious, too, so as soon as you seem him move, you put as much distance as you can between him and you. If you can get a strike in as you drop down from the ledge, it shortens the fight considerably, but with patience it's not too complicated.

    Marky boy my freind! The capra demon is a hard bastard. I beat him with my two hamded claymore. Just coat it with pine resin (lightning blade) and its super effective! Doge him and his pooch(s) bolt to the top of tje stairs and hold ypu ground till hes dead, if u are overwelmed just drop of tje steps and take his knees out as je devends p.s blocking didnt work

    Excuse thy typos im in a hurry

    Not playing anything. Am having a gaming hiatus until GW2 comes. Just for something different.

    If I have a spare moment (unlikely) I'll be playing some ME3. I finally started the other day and, by goodness gracious me, it has gone and sucked me right back in again. So, so good.....

    Finishing Rayman origins tonight, bucks party saturday night then getting Dark Souls on sunday... should be fun!

    I'm going to try and get a second run of Spec Ops: The Line done, so I can play out the alternate choices. I'm also going to try and close off Broken Sword and Mirror's Edge, which I got distracted from this week after deciding to try out the Technic Minecraft mod.

    The Walking Dead: Episode 2. Ep 1 sucked me right in.

    Final Fantasy XIII-2 needs a bit of love, too.

      Episode 2 is amazing. Plotwise, I found it to be quite predictable, but the last twenty minutes of it- very well done.

        I'm hearing all positives. Even if it is predictable, the atmosphere and engagement with the other characters is sublime, based on Ep 1.

      The Walking Dead Ep. 2 had a lot more "oh shit!" moments than Ep. 1. Things that made you cringe even though you couldn't stop watching because it was so friggin awesome. I'm loving these games!

    I'll be playing a jigsaw puzzle...putting my son's new bed together when it gets delivered in the morning. It's one of those higher ones with shelves and a desk included in the structure so it'll probably take me all weekend.

    Speaking of Dark Souls, we'll probably be getting our new TV sometime this week so I'll finally be able to play it again. I'm petrified though because the last time I played I got almost all the way to the Sen's Fortress Bonfire but then I died so I'll have to fight my way through all those traps again with my rusty skills. Eek!

    Playing Bioshock and Broken Sword Directors Cut. Picked up the Broken Sword trilogy for $2.50 from the steam sales which was a bargain. I'll have to look into getting the 4th one at some stage as it's currently not available from Steam.

    Most probably DayZ.
    Perhaps some more Skyrim

      Yes DayZ. Myself and 5-7 friends will be playing together!!

        I hope the patch fixed some server connection issues, maybe I can get in without a problem now. I've watched a ton of videos on YouTube, you're not one of those douches that captures people and makes them fight in an arena are you? J/k, that's twisted stuff, but it makes the game so incredible.

    Got up to anor londo ages ago in dark souls. gave up on that char and started again with a pyro last night. such a fun game, stayed up too late though and died when i had a micro sleep :0

      Definitely not a game to play while sleepy. A random world invader can come and get an easy kill :)

    Continue playing some Borderlands and maybe start Uncharted 3(I got a $16 copy from Wed's Harvey Norman sale)

      Just started co-op Borderlands with a friend as well, really pumped for Borderlands 2!

    Capra's one of the harder bosses - The important thing is to get up the stairs on the back left to give yourself breathing space, and a chance to pick off the dogs without being beaten on by the boss himself.

    The tricky part is actually getting up those stairs, particularly due to the initial camera angle, and the fact you get staggered almost straight away. I feel your pain Mark, I probably died the most on Capra, and the journey back from the bonfire is a pain in the butt.

    As for me, I'll be finishing Jak 3 HD.

    I'm going bowling tonight, and have two birthday parties to go to. One on Saturday, one on Sunday. I'm don't think I'm going to have time to game this weekend :(

    was gone play Diablo 3 again but had massive session last night and now really sick of it ...again

    might give Krater a go again

    Shank 2 and will try to finish off Max Payne 3. I'm nearly there but it's starting to become a grind.

    A few of us picked up Payday the Heist in the steam sale, so probably playing more of that this weekend.
    Also, possibly LoL, Space Marine and L4D2.

    Tonight is Boardgames.

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