What Are You Reading?

Dear oh dear, I've finally caved and bought a Kindle to share with my wife. Typically, because I'm a Philistine, the first book I bought was Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I'm extremely late to the party, but I might as well start somewhere. But what are you guys reading at the moment?

To be perfectly honest, I think the Game of Thrones TV show actually feels like a more subtle, well-made production compared to the book its based on. I'm about 30 chapters in, and I'm not a huge fan of the writing, which feels a bit flat to be perfectly honest. I think George R. R. Martin is incredible at universe-building, and that's clearly the strength of this book, but sentence to sentence it feels a little laboured and dull.

Still. I'm reading it and enjoying it for the most part. I just hate everything.

Anyway, let us know what you're reading at the moment in the comments below!


    Just about to start 'A storm of swords: part 1' within the week...hopefully

    Years ago, I lost my copy of Altered Carbon when ~1/2 way through it, so I'm planning on getting the whole trilogy on my Kindle DX.

    Otherwise, for the most part I just read Programming how to books. (Game Engine Architecture by Jason Gregory is an amazing read, btw)

      Altered Carbon is great.

      Altered Carbon is awesome. So are the two low-fantasy books thus far: The Cold Commands and the Steel Remains. i think I just wrote them in reverse order, though.

      Altered Carbon is one of the best books EVAR.

      If people haven't read it, well you have lived a hollow and fruitless existence. And if even if you have read it....READ IT AGAIN!

      PS: The rest of the trilogy isn't as good, though. I prefer to see AC as a stand alone work.

    Finished all 3 of Markus Heitz "The Dwarves" and iv just started volume 2 of Michael J Sullivans "The Riyria Revelations". So far the series has been awesome, very easy to read(like watching movie) and yet detailed enough to draw the reader in and want to find out what happens next. Highly recommend if you liked GoT (the tv series)

    CGL06 Standard Commercial Liability Policy Wording. *puts gun in mouth*

    Big Jules Verne fan here - nearly finished "Round the Moon"

    Oh and Mark, you can get heaps of classics for free on the Amazon store, like Mary Shelley, Verne, HG Wells and Edgar Allen Poe.

    Always reading Hyper>> RetroGamer and PC Powerplay. Haven't read a book in a long time, though have plans to collect all my favourite series once I get some proper bookcases. Namely Discworld, Philip K. Dick. History of Middle Earth and C. S. Lewis among others.

    Half way through Dust of Dreams, 9th book in The Malazan Book of the Fallen. Only 1 and a half books to go until I finish this series and I'm having a hard time imagining it's going to have a satisfactory ending. He (the author) is still introducing new characters and plot points whilst there's still dozens of unanswered questions lingering from previous books. I just can't see everything being wrapped up by the end of book 10.

      As interesting as that series is it can be a long slog sometimes. Like Serrels said of R.R. Martin - awesome world building but a bit lacking sentence to sentence.

    Currently reading the Commonwealth Saga by Peter F. Hamilton.

      Enjoy :)

      Top read.. enjoy :)

    Also still want to get around to reading all of David Eddings books, as my brother has been going on about them for years!

      May I point you to the Elenium and Tamuli series. The main character is Spahawk (Sparhawk?) and both series are not only action packed but funny as hell. You really need to get those books.

      The first ones he wrote, the Belgarion and Malorian are good. But I feel that the Elenium and Tamuli books are leaps and bounds ahead in writing style and tone. Well worth getting in to.

      Sorry for the double post.

        I've read the Belgarion series a ton of times and recently finished the Malorian which was also pretty decent. Fantastic series. I actually got in to his stuff when someone left a copy of Belgarath the Sorcerer at my work - I spent the rest of the day reading it behind the counter.

        Will have to try the other two soon though.

        Agree with this.
        Just finished re-reading the Belgarion and Malorian, and I'll probably start Elenium and Tamuli soon.
        Also, The Redemtion of Althalus is another good Eddings book. It's a standalone, large book written by David and Leigh.

      David Eddings is a terrible writer. I read his books when I was 14 and didn't know any better. I decided he wasn't for me when I read "stabbed him with his sword, like a stick slides into water" for the thousandth time.

        Are you sure you're thinking of David Eddings? I don't think I've ever read that line, and I've read most of his books multiple times.

          Yep most definitely. Belgarion series he's got it in at least 3 books. I didn't realise it until my friend pointed it out to me and then I started seeing it constantly.

            I always found the Belgarion stuff to be ok. But nothing beats the Elenium and Tamuli.
            "I detest people that use poison."
            "Yes, here is what you do, make an incision just under the naval, then bend them backwards and knee them in the small of their back. They tend to worry about their innards for some reason."

    Reading Romance of The Three Kingdoms. Also got the 18 disc dvd TV series (2010). Wow. I have said it once and I shall say it again, Game of Thrones you can keep.

    Three Kingdoms is where it is at.

      May I point you to the Elenium and Tamuli series. The main character is Spahawk (Sparhawk?) and both series are not only action packed but funny as hell. You really need to get those books.

      The first ones he wrote, the Belgarion and Malorian are good. But I feel that the Elenium and Tamuli books are leaps and bounds ahead in writing style and tone. Well worth getting in to.

      I doubt you will ever see this, but OMG WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT ON DVD?

    "I'm not a huge fan of the writing, which feels a bit flat to be perfectly honest."

    ..........could you repeat that, Mark?

      I thought his writing was ok. Not the best I have ever come across. I just found the subject matter to be....rather harsh. Young girls getting raped over a pile of dead bodies....yea....not cool.


      not if you are going for the "bad" guys ;)

      I support this. Starting reading them years ago. I think next book I am just going to read the one character who remains interesting and skip the rest. I am reading John Steinbeck at the moment, not usually my kind of thing but I love his writing style. Also +1 for anybody who mentioned David Eddings.

        Y'all should read my Tyrion/Optimus Prime fanfiction "A Game of Energon Cubes". It's what you need: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bx_z3-gVHMEnejk3OU14WXRsSjg

    Finally got around to reading Fate of The Jedi: Apocalypse recently. FYI, to those that have read the book and haven't watched the clone wars TV show, in season 3 there are three episodes on *that* mission Obi Wan and Anakin went on. Episodes 15,16 and 17.

    Still reading Gauntlgyrm probably havn't touched it in months I also started on The Thran I never really get much time to read.

    Do like I did when I bought a Kindle and raid Project Gutenberg, old books are great! currently reading Nostromo.

    Picked up the first Mass Effect novel and plan to work though those. Also slowly working through War and Peace by Tolstoy.

    You guys need to read "The Belgariad" Series by David Eddings.

    There are 5 books in the series. I'm on Book 3, and its absolutely incredible.

      As posted above, just re-read this (think I might be in double digits for it now) and the sequel the Malorian.

      I find that the story telling in it is fairly simple (it was his first series) but still quite good. His other main series The Elenium and The Tamuli I find are much better. Currently re-reading The Redemption of Althalus which is a stand alone book.

      I just found out about another series he wrote that I'm going to have to look into called The Dreamers.

    I just finished Heart of Darkness yesterday. Also read Lord of the Flies and the Road earlier this week/last week. (Went on a bit of a binge)

    dont hate on the kindle there are a lot of cheap self published books out there that are quite good reads i'd recommend "mageborn : the blacksmiths son" it was cheap and it was hella fun to read

    I am just started reading Shadowmarch, by Tad Williams. So far, so good!

    A Complete Study guide for CCNA by Todd Lammels.

    Thank god he adds some humorous comments to break up the monotony.

    This is exactly how I felt about A Game of Thrones! The universe and political maneuvering is awesome but the regular writing is a bit lacking. I'm glad to hear someone else say it.

    Just finished re-reading The Belgariad and Malorian by David Eddings.
    Currently re-reading The Redemption of Althalus, also Eddings, but it is on hold until I finish Snuff by Terry Pratchett, which I have been waiting to come out in paperback for a while.

    After this I'm thinking of re-reading the other Eddings series The Elenium and The Tamuli before I jump back into The Wheel of Time in preparation for the last book coming out.

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