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Dear oh dear, I've finally caved and bought a Kindle to share with my wife. Typically, because I'm a Philistine, the first book I bought was Game of Thrones. I know, I know, I'm extremely late to the party, but I might as well start somewhere. But what are you guys reading at the moment?

To be perfectly honest, I think the Game of Thrones TV show actually feels like a more subtle, well-made production compared to the book its based on. I'm about 30 chapters in, and I'm not a huge fan of the writing, which feels a bit flat to be perfectly honest. I think George R. R. Martin is incredible at universe-building, and that's clearly the strength of this book, but sentence to sentence it feels a little laboured and dull.

Still. I'm reading it and enjoying it for the most part. I just hate everything.

Anyway, let us know what you're reading at the moment in the comments below!


    Just started The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss,

    Hang in there with Martin, bit challenging read but the twists and plot are well worth it.

    If you like gory, creepy horror...try 'Dead Sea' by Tim Curran...for Sci-Fi(with awesome creatures), pretty much anything by Neal Asher.

    Well I'm finished the A Song of Ice and Fire books for now (Game of Thrones is the first book in the series) and am currently waiting for the next ones but I'm also thinking of picking up Metro 2033.

    I just yesterday picked up The Long Earth, by Terry Pratchett, my favourite author beside Raymond E Fiest, and Stephen Baxter.
    Just starting on it now, but already drawing me in.

    I think that a lack of sleep is making Mark more perfectly honest.

    Going through all the robin hobb books while i wait for wheel of time. Up to book 1 of the liveship traders. nothing beats Fitz and nighteyes though

      Read a heap of her stuff recently, Started with Liveship Traders since I'd read the earlier books. Her stuff is kinda depressing and a lot of the characters aren't too likable.

      Enjoyed them all, but Fitz and Nighteyes (who are in the series after the Liveship Traders) are definitely the best characters.

      I didn't really enjoy Liveship Traders that much. The second trilogy based on Fitz kind of ruined the original trilogy for me as well.

    I just finished dance of dragons so will probably start on something simple, maybe one of the horse lord novels or a discworld.
    I found the GRRM books really good but can understand what you are saying about the writing. I don't mind the style but I can see how some could find it flat. Reading DoD the thing I found was it was really hard to sit down and read and just lose myself in the world. I think this is because the number of different stories going on that have no relation to each other meant there was no really flow to the writing.
    I found at the start of each chapter I was having to reset my mindset, ok where are we now, who is here. Ok got it now I can read.

    Finished Hound of the Baskervilles this past weekend. Looking to finish Moby Dick soon also.

    George RR Martin is an terrible waffler in his novels. He has some very bad writing habits. I know it's supposed to be "epic" but I can't remember half the story threads from 2 books ago. Whole characters are lost for an entire novel. For every main character he kills off he seems to add 10 new ones. It's just a shame that the first few novels were interesting. I'll still read book 6 when it comes out. Not that much will happen during it.

      I think he's been quoted as having never met a food he didn't like... which certainly explain the amount of ridiculous food descriptions (lemon cakes).

    I've been reading HP Lovecraft's works in chronological order. Just about to start The Call of Cthulhu, but I've been distracted by Marvel's Dark Reign event from a few years back.

    About a quarter of the way through Anna Karenina.

    I'm finding maintaining a Goodreads account does wonders for my reading habits.

    Just finished The Dark Tower series, have read Game of Thrones, was gonna start Farseer trilogy, any other recommendations?

      Go with farseer, its awesome! what did you think of dark tower? it's a long read but there was some cool ideas in it

        Yea loved dark tower, but was very confusing at times and wasnt that chuffed with the ending tbh

          The Dark Tower is wonderful - I didn't like the ending either, but I made the mistake of reading the last chapter after King specifically told me not to. If only I'd stopped when Roland entered the bottom of the Dark Tower... Try The "Axis" and "Dragonstar" trilogies by an Aussie writer Sara Douglass. They kick arse something hardcore.

    i can't quite recall how the first book or so compared to the rest (i've read all of them so far), but put together, it's a fantastic series, with real depth and quality to them. everyone i know who has stuck with the series has enjoyed it, despite reservations over the earlier ones (which i myself didnt notice).

    but i'm actually reading Moon over Soho in the Rivers of London series. Slightly China Mieville-ish, but excellent magical police procedural, with some very good writing, and some ripper lines.

    "Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China"

    I'm almost finished A Feast For Crows, and I'm absolutely loving them. The criticism about loose story threads, superfluous characters, etc are all valid, but they don't detract from the overall experience. I'm always overjoyed to turn a page and see the next chapter is Arya's (or whatever she's calling herself these days) wheras I'm annoyed when it's Cersei's. But that's how well he's sketched the world - I love Arya and I fucking hate Cersei, so dropping into their minds for twenty-odd pages is either awesome, or horrible. That's the sign of a great story - even if the writing does plod from time to time.
    I'm really not looking forward to the wait for Winds of Winter.

    I've been reading the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett. Just finished the 3rd book last night. It is an amazing series. It's a little difficult to get into, but stick with it and you shall be rewarded.

    I haven’t gotten around to finishing the last book of GRRM’s. There are too many characters, too many different threads and too long time between books that make it difficult to keep track of. I honestly thought he was going to start cutting down some storylines in the last book, but he seems to be adding more.
    I look forward to the tv series more to be honest. They will likely look at the later books and just cut out half of the storylines to keep it much more concise (what GRRM should have done).

    Also, is Arya anyone elses favourite character?

      Arya's my favourite character, absolutely. Westeros is a better place with her in it.

    I've just realised where I've seen old George before.


    Currently making my way through Matthew Reilly's The Six Sacred Stones. Not my favorite Reilly book: the flaws in his style seem far more obvious than ever before (and that's coming from a fan). It doesn't help that an interlude earlier on makes the protagonist and his addopted daughter come across as self-important pricks.

    Yeah, not my favorite so far. Temple remains my favorite Reilly book.

    I'm in the last few pages of "Blackout", the third book in Mira Grant's excellent zombie trilogy. Then I'll read Limeys, a pop-sci book about the discovery of vitamin C and the cure for scurvy (Arrrrr!). Back to SF after that with book 2 in Michael Cobley's Humanity's Fire trilogy. I have about 25 unread books by the bed, maybe I need to make August into Shameless Reading Month...

    On book 4 of The Dark Tower at the moment.
    Feel about it the same way as I did Song of Ice and Fire - good but a bit overhyped. Have been told by many people that they are are two of the best fantasy stories ever written but I alternate from interested to bored stupid practically chapter to chapter.

    To Mark
    " I’m not a huge fan of the writing, which feels a bit flat to be perfectly honest "
    You sir are a Cad.

    I'm reading the second book in the Rivers of London series by Ben Aaronovich.
    It's Harry Potter meets The Bill (back when it was a proper cop show). Very well done and very funny.

    God going to sound like a huge hipster, but it still weirds me out to hear so many normals and bandwagoners go on about ASOIAF. For years, talking about Daenerys Targaryen or Ned Stark got you weird looks in the playground and now it's... mainstream. In a strange way, it's almost like this small, private world of devoted fans is now being pried open due to the popularity of the show.

    Same thing happened when Harry Potter got big and I was the second kid in my school to have read it. It became... moderately popular as the books picked up steam but then the movies came and hit the scene like an atom bomb.

      When I read ASOIAF years back all my arty hipster type friends were like 'Ugh, you read fantasy,?" And now they're talking about the TV show like they discovered it. Sigh.

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