What Have You Bought In The Steam Sales?

Tuesday 11pm is normally the time where we discuss non-video game things, but given that we're in the midst of some pretty full on Steam sales, I thought this might be a good time to ask what you guys and girls have bought? Anyone gone broke yet?

Being perfectly honest, I've managed to restrain myself — mostly because I tend to do most of my gaming on consoles, and the gaming PC I bought for Crysis back in 2007 doesn't quite cut the mustard anymore!

But what about you folks? What have you bought so far in the Steam sales?


    SSFIV:AE and the Sega Collection are my main purchases so far. Actually played some SF since buying it, while the rest of my pile of shame sits shamefully, shaming all that view it.

    Assassins Creed 1 + 2.

    My girlfriend wouldn't let me buy any more as I already have 503 on Steam. Apparently that's enough :(

      Nice, I'm at 65 and Ive been told its alot. You sir, are a god. A very broke god.

      It's never enough! 1200 games here :D


    Dungeon defenders DLC, Rayman origins, Saints row 3: Bells and whistles, BttF pack, Sherlock Holmes and the hounds of the baskervilles (Thanks Jo), Toy soldiers, Brink, Fallout:NV all DLC, Hunted and finally SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM SKYRIM (Hi Hugo)
    Haven't broken the bank yet and nothing in the last couple of days so we will see

    I have bought Ubisoft Pack, Metro 2033, Alan Wake American Nightmare, Terraria and The Witcher 2 ... only spending about $100 total.

      I loved alan wake and american nightmare.

    I haven't bought anything!

    But because I'm a dirty dirty mooching hobo, I've received Brink, Secret of the Magic Crystals, Civ V, Greed Corp, and Hitman:Blood Money.

    I think Secret of the Magic Crystals is the most exciting of the lot.

      Secret of the Magic Crystals sounded like some awesome indie game I had over looked. Checked steam store. Thought "This guys crazy."
      And yet.... I'm intrigued as well. I'll try the demo!

    haven't bought anything for myself yet, but I went on a bit of a gifting spree last night until they would no longer take my money.. what kind of company stops taking your money?! Anyway, I shall try to resume tonight! Hopefully they will want more money today.. if not, robot santa will not be happy

    So far I have ARMA 2 :Combined Ops, Borderlands and FEAR 3.

    I've shown as much restraint as I could.

    Bought Half Life 2: Episode 2, Civilisation V and Saints Row 3 for myself, got gifted a handful of other games and have showered others with copies of Mirror's Edge.

    By the end of the week, my pile of shame is going to be rather large and there's little that I can do about it.

    I wouldn't mind a good strategy game. Something like anno or the settlers. Can anyone recommend something. (I'm waiting for anno 2070 ti hit the $20 - $30 mark).

      Anno 2070 seems really interesting. I bought it early in the sales for $29. So unfortunately you may have missed that one, but sometimes things go on sale again at the end.

      Maybe Age of Empires III? That's on sale today.

        Civ 5 is on sale again as well.

      Civ5 has to be one of my absolute favorite games ever, get it if you like Settlers and stuff ;)

      Endless Space is a good 4x space strategy if you want to relive the MoA glory days.


          Friend recommended Tropico 4. Was on sale for 10 bucks I think. May be in a flash sale sometime. Kind of like SimCIty/Settlers mixed, he said. I'm waiting for Anno to go extra cheap as well.

        Im probably flogging a dead horse... But screw that...
        You wont need any other games. Ever.

    Borderlands (GOTY), Half Life 2 and episodes 1 and 2, Lara Croft GOL, Trine 2.

    I've been gifted: Left 4 Dead 2, Max Payne 1 and 2, Monkey Island 1 and 2.
    And the people who've gifted me these things are simply awesome.

    Wow, now that I've written it out, I honestly felt like I'd gotten more than that. Weird! Oh well, still awesome.

    I've bought

    Monkey Island 2 (to complete my collection)
    Assassin's Creed Revelations
    Might and Magic VI

    So much for me not being interested in anything lol.
    1. Walking dead
    2. braid
    3. botanicula
    4. bioshock 2
    5. Alan wake ameican nightmare
    6. garys mod
    7. sonic generations
    8. vessel

    I would like to suggest that everyone that hasnt yet go pick up mirrors edge it is currently $2.49 which is a total steal! May be short but its fun and custom levels are out there to extend it.

      Oh yeah, I also got Walking Dead as well, since Raygun Brown raved about it on twitter. He's never steered me wrong yet.

    SW:KotoR. The slightly daunting RPG mechanics aside, my first hour and a half has been superb, can't wait to keep at it tonight.
    I'm seeing if Jade Empire will go on a flash sale or a sale day. As you can probably tell, trying to pick up BW's older RPGs since I never got the chance to play them, that and just RPGs in general >_>

      Love Jade Empire. Really wish BW started working on a JE2. Instead they keep ignoring it and keep going back to Dragon Age. Urgh.

        I loved DA:O. Didn't touch DA2 after seeing it on my brother's comp. Real shame really.

    I have bought Alan Wake + American Nightmare, Back to the Future, Batman Arkham Asylum and City, Borderlands GOTY and The Walking Dead.

    Not a bad haul so far.

    There's been something every day that I'd like to get, but then I remember why I haven't gotten them yet in the first place. :P

      (Although Dear Esther and Amnesia are tempting me a whole damn lot right now.)

    Arkham City, which I'm super excited about. Also Monkey Island and Broken Sword for nostalgia reasons, and I was kindly gifted Dear Esther and the original Worms.

    I also got the Fear games, expecting decent mediocrity. I think Fear 1 is supposed to be great but I hear mixed things about the others. I'm looking forward to seeing for myself!

    Picked up Fear 3, Red Faction Guerilla, Fallout New Vegas plus dlc, Warlock Master of Arcane, Two Worlds 2, Legend of Grimrock, Binding of Isaac and the indie pack day 2. Spent a bit so far ($55) but it's worth it.

    I was actually really keen for the sales, and now that they're on I realise that I've either played most of them or cbf'd downloading anything.

    I did buy Killing Floor to play with friends but that's about it. Usually I find anything I buy on steam I'll play for 2 hours or so before moving onto the next game so I don't want to waste my money.

    Ys: Oath in Felghana
    Trine 2
    Dear Esther
    Cave Story
    Hitman: Blood Money

    Contemplating Mirror's Edge at the moment...

      Mirror's Edge is definitely worth the price of admission.

      I played it on Xbox a while ago, enjoyed it. Played it again on Xbox more recently, then repurchased it and played it on PC. Now I'll probably play it again.

      Not perfect by any stretch but it's a good idea.

    I said to myself yesterday, "thats enough steam games now...no more"

    just bought Age of Empires 3...........DAMMIT STEAM!

    Torchlight 1... awesome game so far, looking forward to part 2 now.

      Please tell me you pre-ordered 2 and got 1 for free. $20 for both these games is awesome and you know Australia Tax will punch it up to $50 or more on release.

        I'm not in Australia... I live closer to America but the American Kotaku sucks sooo.
        I didn't pre-order 2 cause I didn't know what it was like but I don't feel bad supporting the company that made this awesome game.

      Picked up Torchlight 1 aswell, It's AWESOME! I also picked up Bastion, and I am desperately hoping Morrowind goes on sale for 75% off, that would be awesome.

    I got the darkness two, fallout new vegas and fallout 3, the theater of war pack and Anno 2070. Im close to having 500 steam games so maybe, later in the sale I might get there. Though I fear I may own most of what im really interested in.

    Hitman Blood Money
    Republic Commando
    Red Faction Guerrilla

    More to come hopefully

    60 games for $300... Never again...

      How? like legitimately how?

      I've bought 45 games and havent spent more than $80...
      Mirrors edge
      alan wake + American nightmare
      fear 3
      the Cyan pack
      Ys: Oath in Felghana
      Trine 2
      Dear Esther
      Ys: origins
      Batman: AC
      Deus Ex: HR
      plus many more...
      Also max payne 3 for $19.95 from g2play.net :D

    Secret of the Magic Crystal. Seriously the best game out. Everyone should get that. I'm working my way to a level 3 horse tonight. Giddy-up!

      Im getting this based on your recommendation cause you have been bragging a bit about it..... I do however, feel as though along with the $1.25, i am also trading in my manhood to complete the purchase....

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