What If Team Fortress 2 Was Made Out Of...Glass?

Weird question, I know, but it's one you now have an answer for regardless, as 3D artist Mariah Combs has used 3D Max to render a bunch of characters and weapons from Valve's Team Fortress 2 as though they were...exquisite pieces of glasswork.

Like I said, weird, but hey, it's late, let's just roll with it and enjoy the awesome art. Oh, and the bonus Half-Life Striders.

You can see way more examples, including sniper rifles and Portal robots, at Mariah's site.


    That would be fantastic to have in game. Bonus points if characters accumulated cracks as they take damage and shattered into fragments when they died. In fact, someone should make a game like that.

    Your glass character has to write a love letter to their long-time sweetheart, in the language of love. The more mistakes you make, the greater the level of anxiety felt by the character and the more cracks will begin to appear. Too much anxiety and you hit an emotional breakdown, your character shatters.
    It is not the psyche that shatters, as one would be lead to think, but the character's love dithering to a sharp end.
    Also, you're a bowl of soup.

    would love to see a Swarovski team fortress collection ^-^

    The TF2 turrets are beautiful. Seeing them like this though makes me realise how silly the actual turret would be as a real design- they'd always fall down, every single time due to recoil. Never realised that before. Probably because they look so cool and real.

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