What The Average PC Gamers’ System Looked Like In June 2012

What The Average PC Gamers’ System Looked Like In June 2012

We haven’t checked in on a Steam system survey in a while, so let’s fix that today. Every month, Valve publishes the results of a survey that drags in all kinds of information on its customer’s computers, from what graphics card they’ve got installed to the kind of browser they’re running.

If you want to see if you’re normal, it’s a good place to look. Ditto if you want to feel like you’re some kind of Glorious Master Race Übermensch with your fancy new GTX690.

Me, though, I always like looking at the software side of things, because that’s where the really interesting stuff is. Did you know, for example, that 3% of users don’t have Flash? Only 40% have Skype? And that more Steam users have Winamp than use Google Chrome?

That last one is going to keep me up all night.

For the general state of the market, know that Windows 7 (64-bit) is the most popular OS, 72% of users have Intel CPUs, most people have NVIDIA cards and a whopping 14% of Steam users speak Russian.

Steam Hardware & Software Survey: June 2012 [Steam]


  • Curious as to why the RAM diagram is for macs though :S

    Also note that that app list is from 2010

  • “And that more Steam users have Winamp than use Google Chrome?”

    Not all that surprising. I honestly don’t know too many people that use Chrome on desktop or even laptop machines. I think for most people they stick with Firefox because there’s nothing wrong with it and aren’t going to switch for the sake of switching. I mean when Firefox first came out, it was obvious that it was superior to IE which was more or less the only other real option back then (aside from smaller browsers like Opera). But when Chrome came out, I and many others thought “meh, I already use Firefox”. Maybe a few stragglers that were still clinging to IE converted over to using it but most Firefox users (that I know of anyway) didn’t.

    Winamp however still remains relatively popular due to it being a solid media player.

    • Winamp is great, use it all the time for media, but I do terribly miss Sonique. That was a great media player for it’s time and that UI was pretty cool!

    • I think you hit the nail on the head there Michael with your comments about IE, Firefox and Chrome.

      Winamp has a massive install base in Europe, from memory it accounts for something like 70% of there business and from what i understand winamp are trying to claw back a bit of market share from things like itunes in markets like America.

    • Out of my group of friends and colleagues, almost everyone uses Chrome. I converted because I use a gaming PC, work laptop, and private laptop, as well as an Android tablet and Android phone. The bookmark and password sharing without need for external add ons is invaluable to me.

  • Looking at the graphs tells me that the myth that most gaming pcs are about as good as it takes to run WoW is a pile of crap. DX11 and Win7 reign supreme, if only by a small margin. I loled at the ppl who are ‘Other’ for videocard type. You could upgrade your processors ppl, 2 core is so last decade.

    • Because you need Steam to run WoW? 😛 I bet there’s a big group of people that only play Blizzard games.

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