What The Hell Is Going On With The Avengers And X-Men In This Picture?

Rumours have been reverberating for a while now that Marvel Comics would be staging its own major shake-up as an answer to the New 52 reboot that rival DC Comics pulled off almost a year ago.

Now, the first look at the House of Ideas' next major superhero shift, called Marvel Now!, comes via Entertainment Weekly. Artwork by Marvel exec Joe Quesada shows major players who'll be showing up in the initiative's first wave of books, including a younger version of Jean Grey floating alongside a mix of X-Men and Avengers characters.

Marvel Now! will be launching new titles every week, with a weekly Avengers book by Jonathan Hickman, a time-traveling X-Men book by Brian Michael Bendis and Uncanny Avengers — which brings together mutant and human superheroes — written by Rick Remender and drawn by John Cassaday.

The fact that's this move isn't a wholesale reboot makes it more interesting to me since it won't invalidate stories that came before and hopefully won't leave as many open questions as has happened with DC's New 52. I'm not buying very many current Marvel titles right now but the idea of some of the publisher's best talents working on new configurations might get me to check some of these titles out.


    If Marvel do end up rebooting their universe ala New 52, they should keep Xmen as a separate universe to the rest of Marvel.

    It makes no sense that people would hate mutants, but simultaneously love mutates (Spiderman, Hulk, etc)

      Glad I'm not the only one who always found that rather strange.

        The difference between them is that Spiderman and the Hulk and the like aren't actually mutant mutants (they don't have a X-Gene), so the people who hate mutants but don't hate them consider them to just be humans who happened to gain superpowers against their will.

        No it doesn't make sense rationally, but that's racism/homophobia for you.

          But does the general populace know the origin stories of all the different heroes? How would they know Spiderman's not a mutant?

        Most of the time, the public hates Spider-man and the Hulk...

    Gotta say, i'm loving some of these new costumes. I just hope the kick ass stories continue!!!!

    Logan doesn't change his outfit. Interesting that bit is

    the problem is alot of mutants think they are better than humans. that they are the next step in human evolution and all normal people are bellow them.

    I think is part of the whole 'Avengers V Xmen' story line. But as people have said before doing a 'reboot' will alot new readers to come onboard. MArvel and DC always have major story events every year that go across mutiple titles.

    The problem lies with Marvel failing to draw in new readers and instead clinging to its existing fanbase by honoring every single event. It feels like in the last decade that Marvel refuses to let their characters have breathing room in their solo comics before tying them all down for the next big event. But then again this is the same company that runs 3 comics with 'Avengers' in their title and doesn't think that confuses newcomers.

    DC may have pissed off some of its fans with the New 52 (especially anyone that was a fan of their female characters beforehand) but it has seriously boosted their numbers. Heck last time I checked even Aquaman was outselling Marvel's comics (it was a while ago, but aside from the hype from AvX #1 I don't think anything would have come close)

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