What Was The Last Great Movie You Watched At The Cinema?

I was thinking about this the other day, after being ever so slightly disappointed in both Prometheus and The Dark Knight Rises. And since I like to put up a 'non-discussion-off-topic-post' at 11 on a Tuesday, I thought it might be a good opportunity to ask you guys and girls: when was the last time you walked out of the cinema thinking, 'wow, that was absolutely incredible'?

I practically live next door to a cinema, so I go quite frequently. The last movie that sort of amazed me? Well, surprisingly, it was The Avengers. A movie I had absolutely no interest in, and fully expected would be dreadful.

Before that? Man... I'm fussy as hell, so it's hard to say!

What about you guys? When was the last time you were truly 'wowed' by a movie you saw at the cinema?


    The Dark Knight Rises on Saturday night?

    Can't understand the huge amount of negativity surrounding that film. It feels like a lot of people had decided they wouldn't enjoy it before even watching it.

      I agree, same with Prometheus. Not including those two I'd say The Artist.

      Again: The Dark Knight Rises here too, loved the others.

      After this for something a bit more light and for a laugh: Ted, damn that was good.

      Yeah, saw DKR at the imax on friday night, epic!
      Bane, such a brutal character - a good mirror for the bat...

        Every person in the cinema on Thursday night clapped at the end, not something that usually happens. So some folks like it a lot and I'm one of 'em. :P

          I was at the midnight launch in my area, and everyone clapped too, it was weird, but well deserved.

          No one clapped in the full cinema we were in.... Saturday night at Crown.

            This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Its a hype thing really, the first dark night movie was meh, the second was meh the Joker was great, but the movie wasn't.
      its why im in no rush to see the dark night rises, im worried they will make bane not as good as he is in the comics.
      But on topic... the Avengers, and before that i spose for the novelty avatar.. but if you dont include that... maybe mongol or apocolyptica.

        If you don't like the first two DNR don't waste your time. I thought both were epic and both surpassed by DKR - best movie I have seen since the last batman movie

    The Dark Knight Rises :P
    The Avengers too. I wasn't planning to see it in cinemas, but after a while got sick of hearing my friends raving about it and talking about how they'd seen it multiple times, so I went and saw it. I'm glad I did. Such an awesome film. Dark Knight Rises is better though :P

    I didn't think Avengers was as great as everyone made it out to be, but still a solid 7. The best movie I've seen recently (a little while ago now...) was Shame. I like movies a little bit different, and maybe less mainstream than the big blockbusters.

    Avatar I think, if only for the spectacle of it. Avengers was a bit of a let down and that was the last movie I saw at a theatre. Going to check out Batman this weekend.

    The Matrix.

    Sure I've been to great movies since, but the distraction of other people around me just takes me out of the experience. I don't know if that means The Matrix had me glued to the every line of dialog or whether the general movie going population is getting ever more distracting.

      Have you seen dark city? i saw it before the matrix and got into arguments when i said the matrix was dull.

        Dark City is amazing! Filmed here in Oz too.

        That's because the matrix is so much more than Dark City. I love both but I think you're missing a large part of The Matrix if you think it's exactly the same as Dark City.

          I never said the same but I felt that it retreaded a lot of the themes from Dark City. Seeing it before the Matrix just exacerbated the fact.

    Haven't seen Dark Knight Rises yet so probably The Avengers, before that, most definitely The Raid which was the first decent movie I'd seen in cinemas for quite some time.

    The most recent "Wow!" movies that I remember watching in the theaters were The Avengers, the new Star Trek and Inception.

      Star Trek and Inception were great. I really liked Super 8 too. I know a lot of people didn't, but it captured something I hadn't felt since I was a kid.

        Super 8 is brilliant, reminded me of watching the goonies

        Super 8 and Inception are basically my two favourite films of the last five years.

      I agree on all three of these. Avengers was fantastic (admittedly, though, I am a huge Joss Whedon fan). I also truly enjoyed the Star Trek reboot and Inception.

    Cabin in the Woods.

    Such a perfect deconstruction of horror movies. A complete shame that it only had a limited release here because I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a movie anywhere near as much as I enjoyed this one.

    The Dark Knight Rises was more recent and I felt like I got exactly what I was expecting out of it.

      Came here to post this. Cabin in the Woods is a great audience film.

      Another recent highlight was The Room, complete with throwing spoons at the screen

    An Alien marathon. There's something oddly satisfying about watching movies made when I was in primary school, as an adult, on the big screen.

    Planet of The Apes (the newest one)
    Matrix: I knew nothing about that movie when I went in to see it. I thought it looked like an ok action flick....boy....I was just amazed.

    Not including The Dark Knight Rises, I'd say The Avengers.

    The Artist.
    There were only 5 people in the cinema - everyone else was seeing whatever B grade action was out but the atmosphere that The Artist created was amazing.
    And The Avengers

    PROMETHEUS! That film had me completely focused. I have also seen Dark Knight Rises but that comes a close second.

    Inception. Also, cheesy ending aside, Chronicle was a great film, way better than I was expecting, even if it is essentially Superboy Prime: The Movie

    One of the most underrated movies of last year I thought was Don't Be Afraid of the Dark. Excellent atmosphere the whole way through.

    I don't know if I would call it "GREAT" but The Avengers was the last very enjoyable film I watched.
    And even though it's not really a "go to the cinema" kind of movie, I enjoyed TED too. TDKR was very long, fairly boring and just overall Meh. Might just be coz I've never been a big batman fan.

    And reading through the comments - Inception is right up there too.

    All the movies i have seen this year at the cinema have impressed me. the muppets, avengers, amazing spider-man and tdkr. i have two kids so miss out on seeing all the movies i would like too.

    The last one I saw was The Dark Knight Rises and it definitely was great.

    The last time I went to the cinema was to watch Dead or Alive. It wasn't great. I don't like concentrating for long periods of time so I just pick up the Blu-Ray so I can pause, walk away, and resume when I want to continue. I also delieberately avoid movies that everyone thinks are amazing, because high expectations generally ruin the movie. Recent "amazing" movies I haven't seen:

    - Avatar
    - Avengers
    - Any of the Nolan Batmans (have BB/TDK bluray at home)
    - 2nd half of Inception (fell asleep)
    - Any of last years Oscar noms (True Grit, Black Swan, King's Speech)
    - Any Bond film, ever

    I'll probably watch these...eventually.

    The Dark Knight - Walked out of that with just one thought. "Wow"

    Tron Legacy for me. Its one of only two movies I've seen in cinemas more than once, the other being Avatar which also blew me away

      Wish now I had seen that, only recently got around to see the BD version the other weekend and I really enjoyed the movie. It wasn't perfect, but the visuals and soundtrack would have been glorious to view on the large screen!

    For me, hands down it was Rise of the Planet of the Apes. I walked out of the theater feeling thoroughly blown away. I expected it to be good and it turned out BETTER than I thought!

    Moonrise Kingdom without a doubt. I really don't understand what was inherently good about The Avengers. Paper thin characters, boring bad guys, explosions in place of story, all the usual trappings of a bad action film. How on earth did this filmed get almost universally praised? Beats me. I actually found Spiderman had far more depth. And I'd certainly take TDKR over the Avengers. I'm gonna say it - Avengers resembled at times that turd on a plate that is Michael Bay's Transformers movies.

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