What's The Big Deal? We've Been Doing This In Games For Years...

All jokes aside, this loop-the-loop is pretty incredible, but it got me wondering: does the craziness inherent in video game 'simulations' affect the sport it's based on? I'd say undoubtedly. I'm sure Tony Hawk's Pro Skateboarder helped some skaters try different things and this stunt, done for a Hot Wheels world record looks like it came straight from a video game.

I'll never forget doing my first loop the loop in Hard Drivin' in the arcades — and F-Zero X on the N64? Best loops ever.


    Sonic loop the loops were always good fun. Especially triples with a big jump at the end. WeeeWeeWeeWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    When they have Trackmania IRL then I will get excited.

    Topgear Live did a double loop da loop. Though the loops where a little smaller.

    Not really impressive, i would be impressed if they did it in a toyota prius

    Seeing Brusco and Schaar doing 900s like they weren't anything, in both Big Air AND Vert, definitely makes me think that videogames effect the sport they're based on.

    That loop thing though. They built it up and up and up as I was watching the XGames that actually seeing 'em do it was kinda anticlimatic.

    This isn't cool, I used to do this with hotwheels cars all the time. Just make it bigger, easy.

    Not to be crude but the stadium to left of the track seen at the 20 second mark looks like huge female junk

    Yeah i was watching this during the X Games. I don't really get why they made such a big deal about it though. Yeah it's kind of cool, yeah it's a world record.......but it's not really that impressive imo.

      You must be a hard man to please if that wasn't impressive for you.
      Hitting a loop at 80km/h and undergoing 7Gs while driving a car upside down and still keeping control.... that's pretty impressive imo

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