When A PC Game Gets Confused With A Military Aircraft Controversy

Today, the 12 MV-22 Osprey aircraft arrived in the Japanese city of Iwakuni, where it was met with protests.

People in Japan believe that the aircraft is not safe, pointing to recent Osprey crashes in both Florida and Morocco. As AP points out, the U.S. military contends that the aircraft has solid safety records and plans to station Osprey at American military bases in Okinawa.

To illustrate how unsafe the Osprey is, Japanese super blogger Kikko-san (who writes one of the most widely read blogs in Japan) tweeted a video of an Osprey crash to her 95,000 followers. It was a crash alright — an Osprey crash in tactical PC shooter Arma 2.

Mistakes happen! Especially on Twitter. Kikko-san quickly switched out the video game Osprey crash with a real Osprey crash (below). If Arma 2's goal is to be a realistic looking shooter, it seems it passed the smell test — for one person, at least.

きっこさん、PCゲーム『ARMA2』で作成されたオスプレイの墜落映像を本物だと思い込む [トー速]


    Scratching my head at how the F she confused them????? lol!

    Oh and as the blogger fails to mention, as always, the Osprey crash in the real clip was actually caused by HUMAN error, not any fault of the machine itself... but we won't let facts get in the way of a good controversy hey??? :)

      If a major British television station couldn't tell the difference between an Arma 2 video and an IRA video then its understandable she may have messed up

    Popular Mechanics recently did a pretty good article on the pros and cons of the osprey, its changed a huge amount since the original test flights and so far seems to out perform most helicopters in terms of transport capacity and speed.

    What an utter plankton.

    Look out, 747's crash, they must be unsafe!! PC's crash they must be unsafe!!

    At least they aren't blackhawks. Those things just LOVE to crash.

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