When Optimus Prime Meets Warhammer, My Jaw Drops

What do you get when you cross Optimus Prime with Warhammer 40K's Orks? A joke with a terrible punchline, I'd wager, but also this amazing custom piece by Singaporean madscuzzy.

While it may just look like a slightly modified version of an existing Transformers toy, it's actually the result of a ton of work on madscuzzy's part, in which he took a Warhammer 40K Ork Trukk model, cut it apart, added some joints so it could transform, added some more parts so it looked like a robot, then had to paint it all.

A lot of work, then, but a lot of work that was worth it, because this thing is incredible.

Interview: madscuzzy (Creator of Orktimus Prime) [Tabletop Geeks]


    Holy crap. I am Jack's sense of impress.

    I always imagined Optimus to be more of a spacemarine

      Waz till 'is crew wuz kill'd by da boyz! Now iz part of tha WAAAAGGHH!!!!!

    I used to own the die cast model which transformed just like that. Brilliant work.

    This is awesome

    If he made a Orky trailer to match that could be used as a troop transport, or some sort of gun platform.

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