When Professionals Get Their Hands On Valve's Film-Maker, Good Things Happen

It's not that the current offerings have been terrible, far from it, but ever since Valve released the Source Film-maker there's been the quiet expectation that it would really start to shine once professional animators, and not just dedicated fans, got hold of it.

Well, here's what it looks like when a professional gets their hands on it.

This lengthy short, detailing the daily problems faced by an Engineer, is the work of James McVinnie, a cinematic designer at BioWare. If you think the animation looks a little better than what we're used to seeing with these clips, that's because he used two Kinects to grab motion-capture data.

Sure, it took him 130 hours, but the fact something this impressive can now come from just one man...


    The animations are the worst thing about this. It LOOKS like they used a kinect for motion capture. It's stiff and floaty. It sticks out like hell from the in-game animations. The cinematography is what redeems it, and is what he's a professional of. But the animation isn't much better than what the fans have produced. But a great short overall.

    Awesome work overall, but the animation itself was really terribad, it looks like it was captured with a pair of Kinects!

    Ive enjoyed the amateur films made much better than this. Sorry but it was a pretty bad film.

    Using Kinects for motion capture? Now THERE'S ya problem!
    What nick/Puck/Bane said.

    Fantastic cinematography, character animation needs a LOT of work. Really like it =D

    I actually liked the animations. I thought it suited the art style of TF2 quite well.

    God damn trolls. nice video, using the kinects to do the animations was a good touch.

    Yeah, I don't think you can really call a cinematic designer an animator. They're two completely different roles.

    If you want to see what happens when professional animators use the Source Film-maker, just watch the Meet the Team videos again.

    I thought the animation was much better than the keyframed stuff a lot of people are doing it looks much more natural and has a many subtleties amateurs miss.

    I thought it was interesting that they used Kinects. Sure the animation itself isn't amazing, but it was worth watching it just to see how it worked.

    Great video, but the animation was the weakest part. Not saying it was bad, just not at the same level as the rest of video.
    Using the Kinects produced a good result but hand it over to a proper animator and they'd be able to make it shine.

    Most impressive

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