Where Are Our Steam Sales Gabe?

Around about July 4 we tend to get Steam sales. Big, sweaty Steam sales. The kind where our bank accounts are given no respite and we accumulate hordes of games we'll most likely never play. This group of internet 'terrorists' have a message for Gabe Newell — give us the Steam sales we want or this 'hostage' gets it!

I have to admit, these guys do a pretty decent Russian accent! But yeah, I can't decide if this joke is kinda funny, or totally misjudged!

Still, I agree with the sentiment — where are our Steam sales!


    some potential insight (or at least an attempt to provide one) as to why there are/have not yet been any steam sales would have been good.. might have made this an actual article.
    if i need to get onto google after reading an 'article' it hasnt done it's job

      Nowhere did this try and call itself an 'article', not that that word means what you seem to think it means any way.
      It was just a "Hey, check out this video, what do you guys think?" kind of thing.

      To be fair, Mark doesn't have a lot of sleep under his belt right now, haha.

    No Steam i beg of you, please hold off the Steam sales until i get some money, it should be by the end of the week.

    It's a bunch of entitled idiocy.

    Valve are under no obligation to start a sale.

      Hey look, it's the internet's new favourite word!

        How is it not entitled? It's a bunch of people whinging that they're not getting 75% off of things precisely when they want it.

          Yeah - I'm looking forward to the sale, but if you can't see the joke in this, I worry for you.

          I think he's arguing the semantic difference between 'entitled' and 'self-entitled'.
          For those who don't get it: If you are are 'entitled' to something, you have the right to expect it. If you are 'self-entitled', you expect something... because you said so.

          When used in criticism, folks should be using 'self-entitled'. If they're saying 'entitled', then so what? People are asking for what they're owed.

      Whoa whoa there big guy, come down off that high horse.

      It's just a joke. They really should have used a kitten or bunny.

        Yeah, they needed to make it a whole lot lighter for it to actually be funny I reckon.

          they should have held a collection of hats hostage.

            :O not the hats anything but the hats.

              Pffft who cares about the hats? It's the 'taches I worry about.

              Also, entitled, people keep using that word. I do not think it means what they think it means.

          they have airsoft guns with orange tips seems pretty light to me

        All you have to do is visit some gaming forums or Reddit to find that while this was done as a joke, other "gamers" are genuinely pissed off that Valve haven't done a Steam sale. Yet.

      This too. While I wouldn't mind a sale and picking up some cheap games, I am not about to pitch a fit if there is no sale this year, either.

      You need to learn to take a joke, man. Otherwise YOU end up being the entitled idiot.

    I hadn't really been a regular steam user until last year, so I wasn't sure if they were the same time every year or just "some random point during the Summer".

    Payday is the end of next week. They can hold off a little longer.

    Valve can't win. They have Steam sales and everyone wails about the damage to their wallets. They don't have Steam sales and the hostage gets it....

      I also shudder to think what's going to be said about games in the general media once they get wind of this.


      In all fairness, the complaining about the napalming our wallets take is *probably* not serious.

        Nor was my post, really. Guess I should have put the old ":P" on there. :P

          My post was also non-serious! I was non-serious about non-seriousness. Oh no what's that black hole doi

            That's not funny my brother died that way.

              no he didn't, he stared into my eyes lovingly as i took his life with my bare bloody hands :D

          The scary thing is that you can't really tell if it's serious. I wouldn't put it above mainstream media to do a story on something like this!

            Tut tut. We aren't all that bad.

            ... Well, ok.... ...Maybe news.com

              Thank God it'll be behind a pay wall so no one will ever see it.

            Well speaker dude certainly does seem to break some rules and not brandish a clearly toy gun, as his buddy does. If any credible news site publishes a story of two gunmen, one with a bright orange tip on the barrel of one gun, as a serious news article, the intelligence of the audience must be called into question if they really, really, believe that it's actually news (of a hostage taking), and a threat.

            A bit of it's just jokes guys at the end of the video might have forestalled any media sensation, but I do think it's what these guys are going for?

    I think the video was in bad taste.

    Not that Steam aren't doing sales... today, all Command & Conquer titles are 75% off, and so is Rock of Ages. I strongly recommend people who like singleplayer RTS pick up Red Alert 3 and the standalone expansion pack, Uprising.


        Of course there was, and it was -awesome-. Just utterly disconnected from any other C&C game. Like Generals was!

        In Red Alert 3's defense

        Note: That should parse as "Bears. Fucking bears." and not "Bears fucking bears." If you buy Red Alert 3 for Bear on Bear action you'll be sorely disappointed.

    Thanks to the Australia Tax on most items I barely use steam at all for steam games. I have to rely on other places like amazon or greenmangaming etc to sell me legit steam keys without a 100% mark up.

      Yeah - you really do have to wait for the sales for Steam prices to become good value. I think really that Australians do have SOME ground to expect a sale now and then, because of the Australia Tax.

    While the sales are kind of nice all they really mean is that I buy 5-10 games really cheap, spend the next week downloading them overnight on off peak quota, playing each one once to test them, then adding them to the pile of shame.

    I think the 'hostage' thing is pretty tacky - considering real terrorists in 2012 are doing this sort of thing and beheading the hostages. (Yes, I can take a joke - but really this is a bit much)

    As for "Hey Valve! You did this thing last year, so why don't you do it the same way this year?"....
    ....haven't these people learnt that Valve does NOT act in entirely predictable ways.
    (That's why we love 'em.)

      If you can't make jokes about it, they win.

    If this video was to faint beside me, I'd probably just sit there and stare at it.

      And later tell everyone you were just in shock?

    They have had some pretty good deals lately like la noire for $3.49 and now command and conquer haha.

    i've been putting off getting css for a LONG time, i NEED a "summer" sale to inspire me to get it

    Maybe because it's not the 4th July in America yet?

    I'd rather they just have the xmas sale, that way I can:
    A) actually catch up on the games I got from last xmas sale.
    B) Afford the next sale.
    C) Have enough games I don't have to make the sale exciting again (I'll never forget my first Steam sale.)


    This isn't helpful to most of you because of the language but check the Reddit link at the bottom. Basically, unconfirmed reports that say they will commence on July 12 for 10 days.

    Hey Valve where is our L4D2 Cold stream DLC for xbox360?

    Imagine the uproar if the hostage was female.

      pfft everyone knows girl hostages are rubbish.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    I was enjoying this video until the mention of mainstream media in the comments. No doubt some idiot will attempt to blow it out of proportion.

    Headlining tonight at 5!

    I'm ashamed of myself I'm actually laughing.

    Well, I've seen most steam sales come at like 12 EST. So we need to wait a few hours

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