Where Are Our Steam Sales Gabe?

Around about July 4 we tend to get Steam sales. Big, sweaty Steam sales. The kind where our bank accounts are given no respite and we accumulate hordes of games we'll most likely never play. This group of internet 'terrorists' have a message for Gabe Newell — give us the Steam sales we want or this 'hostage' gets it!

I have to admit, these guys do a pretty decent Russian accent! But yeah, I can't decide if this joke is kinda funny, or totally misjudged!

Still, I agree with the sentiment — where are our Steam sales!


    And people wonder why im anti-steam.

    You do realize once boxed retail versions are gone and its just online stores 1x publisher hosting their games, and another publisher hosting DIFFERENT games there will be no need for competition so prices will stay fixed.

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