While Justin Bieber Was Sleeping

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I swear when I walked into the Kotaku office this morning I could literally hear Justin Bieber fans screaming. 'This is an ill omen', I thought to myself. No good will come of this. Lo and behold, our internet was down. Totally Bieber's fault. Anyway, if this seems rush, that's why. Stupid Justin Bieber.

This is an interesting assertion, but one I agree with: ignoring fan expectations can make a better game. Ron Gilbert, creator of Monkey Island said that. I like to be surprised by games. That's my thing. I like them to surpass my expectations, not simply meet them.

I love videos like this. It's the history of PC gaming in 151 seconds. How many can you guess? Goddamn this makes me feel old...

One of the Executive Producers from The Old Republic has left Bioware, Battlefield 4 has pretty much been confirmed and this is how the creator of Gears of War would make a Firefly video game.

In Short Star Wars: The Old Republic Executive Producer Leaves Bioware The History Of PC Gaming In 151 Seconds Here's How The Creator Of Gears Of War Would Make A Firefly Video Game Monkey Island Creator: Why Ignoring Fan Expectations Can Make A Better Game Pre-Order Medal Of Honor Warfighter And Get Into The Battlefield 4 Beta


    A bunch of 15 year old girls got on my train at circular quay. They all looked like crap, wearing giant baggy sweaters and baggy pants, smelling like 5 year old sweat. I thought they had just had a sleep over and were just gross in general until I noticed one of them was wearing a Justin Bieber shirt that was 5 sizes too small, along with a Justin Bieber necklace. One of them was looking at a photo on her phone exclaiming “I am pretty sure he is looking right at me in this pic!”.

      hahaha. I have nothing against Justin Bieber himself, he's just another singer trying to make a living. But his fans are ridiculously stupid and annoying, I'm just really glad none of the girls I know are bieber fans.

    We were in New York last month and scored tickets to Letterman hoping to see a famous actor or cool band on the show. Instead we got Justin bloody Beiber.

      Yeah, but you got to see Bieber embarrass himself with the whole "Sixteenth Chapel" thing

      I got Jay Leno tickets last year. We had Hugh 'Wolverine' Jackman :D

    I'd tap that Gomez.....

    Who's Justin Bieber?

      Reminds me what Ozzy Osbourne said on TV "What the fuck is a bieber?"

    Yeh man, stupid guy. Doesn't he care that he's causing millions to die of famine? What an ass.

    The things you see when you don't have a canister of napalm handy. *sigh*

    "Anyway, if this seems rush, that’s why."

    I see what you did there.

    I don't hate Beiber. Good on him for taking advantage of fools and making himself millions of $$$. He will never have to work a shitty job in his life. What I do hate is his fans and those tabloids who say he's the next Michael Jackson.

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