While You Were Sleeping

OK, so I am completely gone. I can barely string words together, and I'm not entirely sure I can write. I'm still in the midst of trying out the Uberman polyphasic sleep schedule, and at this point it's incredibly difficult. But yeah... video game news! Let's try and get that sorted.

Well there's a new Assassin's Creed III trailer. I haven't watched it yet, but it's totally Assassin's Creed III, so I guess I should. I'm excited about the game. In fact, with all the other delays, it may be the game I'm most looking to this year.

Sony Acquired Gaikai. Who's Gaikai you might be asking, as I did when I heard the news. This is a nice summary of exactly why it's exciting news, and what we might expect.

Also, Total War: Rome II hits PC next year, we want this show about Borderlands to come to fruition, and Seth Killian joins Sony Santa Monica.

In Short: You May Already Own A PlayStation 4: The Sci-Fi Implications Of Last Night's Big Sony/Gaikai News Fighting Games Expert Joins Sony To Dragon Punch PS3 Games Into Shape Praise Be To Mars, Total War: Rome II Marches Onto PCs Next Year Assassin's Creed III's Newest Trailer Is All About War This Show About Borderlands Needs To Come To Fruition


    With Seth Killian and Clockwork both involved in that Sony Smash Bros game, I can't help but think that Sony is willing to throw a lot of money and support behind this project. It's not just something they're throwing together, they might actually want it to be a serious competitive Smash Bros.

    Let's face it, as serious as some people take Smash Bros, it has never been accepted by the fighting game community and it was never designed to be played competitively.

      When they added "You randomly trip and fall over" as a feature unable to be turned off, Nintendo showed everyone where they stood in terms of making a competitive fighter.

    Lack of neuro transmitters (the things that make your nerves tell your heart to beat for example) can kill you mate, goto sleep, :>

    Also props on the attempt, tried in uni, got about halfway and fell over. :< Slept for a day felt horrid

    This just seems rubbing it into your sleepless wound with lemon juice, eh, Mark?

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